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Dominican Republic Mamajuana
How is Mamajuana drank?

Most people drink mamajuana either as a “shot” in a shot glass or they sip it as a drink. It is generally stored at room temperature and when taken this way, is usually served as such. Some people like to drink it over ice, dilute it with water or mix it with coke. Sometimes it is enjoyed on the side with a beer or is taken as an after dinner liqueur. Whatever your preference, there is no wrong way to drink mamajuana.

In recent years, as mamajuana has gained popularity, it seems like it is everywhere. Just about any bar or restaurant is sure to have a bottle of mamajuana readily
available. As you visit different bars and restaurants in the Dominican Republic and sample each ones respective mamajuana, you will notice how each one has its own distinctive flavor.

You can also purchase mamajuana from a number of different sites on the web. Mamajuana also makes a great gift. If you are a tourist visiting the Dominican Republic, bringing a gallon of mamajuana back to family or friends can cause quite a bit of curiosity and intrigue as the concoction full of sticks and leaves will surely be unlike anything they have ever seen before. Upon explaining mamajuanas mythical effects, their curiosity is sure to be piqued even further. After trying the mamajuana, it is quite likely that they will quickly become fans of the delicious drink. They may even decide to visit the Dominican Republic themselves to learn more about the country that created this unique beverage.

Transporting Mamajuana

Although it is legal to bring a gallon of mamajuana into most countries, the sight of one might arouse the suspicions of a customs agent. After all, with the scrutinous attention being paid to airline safety nowadays, at first glance, the bottle of mamajuana might appear to be some kind of a bomb! However, upon explaining to the agent what it is, he more likely than not will allow you and your bottle of mamajuana to proceed with a wave of the hand.

If you are traveling with mamajuana, you should take caution when packing it as any impact on your luggage may cause the bottle to crack. A common way to do this is to wrap the jug in a generous amount of newspaper and tape. Then, to provide added safety, it is a good idea to wrap the bottle inside of a thick towel. This covering should absorb any shock created by impact and prevent your bottle from breaking and mamajuana from spilling all over your belongings.

After repeated trips to the Dominican Republic and enjoying mamajuana numerous times, one can develop quite a taste for it and a long absence away from the Dominican Republic can result in quite a longing for the drink. This is a good reason to bring a bottle or two back home with you after a vacation. This way, not only will you be able to enjoy a mamajuana in your native country whenever you want to, doing so can also make you feel closer to the Dominican Republic.
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