Punta Cana Food and Wine 2017





The 5th Punta Cana Gastronomic Festival will take place this weekend, from Friday to Sunday, 4-6 August 2017 in Punta Cana. The Punta Cana Food and Wine Festival (PCFW2017) events will be held at the Lorenzillo's Punta Cana Restaurant in Downtown Punta Cana entertainment center off the Punta Cana Boulevard and at the Little John Restaurant at Playa Juanillo, Cap Cana, Punta Cana. Tastings, cocktails and special events are part of the program.

Coming for the event are New York bar manager Darnell Holguin of At Fifty in the West Village (famous for his martini) and chef Kelvin Fernandez of Barcelona Bites in Upper Manhattan.

Sat, 05 August, 2017
 Start Time TBA

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