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On Wednesday evenings, starting 23 August 2017, some of the most learned Dominicans in Santo Domingo Colonial City history will be speaking as part of the Fray Vicente Rubio Talks. The talks will be at the auditorium of the Convento de los Dominicos on Padre Billini starting at 7:30pm on Wednesday, 23 August. The talks will be in Spanish. Members of the audience will be urged to participate, ensuring that an interesting and lively discussion will ensue. A diverse group of historians, architects, academics will be leading the presentations.

The event is organized by Pilar Soto de Rainieri, Maria Filomena Barletta de Ramos and Juan Llado. To confirm and register, deposit the RD$2,500 in the account BHD savings account # 03038530045 in the name of Margarita Soto. The funds will be donated to benefits.

For more information, write to protectoreshistó[email protected]

The topics on the program are:
23 August
The Colonial City As It Was – Frank Moya Pons
30 August
The City of Ovando – Eugenio Pérez Montás
6 September
First of the Americas: First Cathedral – Esteban Prieto
13 September
The Independence War – Juan Daniel Balcácer
20 September
Fray Antón de Montesinos and the Advent Sermon – Manuel García Arévalo
27 September
Legends and Traditions – Kin Sanchez
4 October
Indian and African Presence in the Colonial Times - Fátima Portorreal
11 October
Emblematic Streets and Museums - Omar Rancier
18 de October
Religious, Civilian and Military Architecture - César Iván Feris
25 October
Plastic Arts in the Colonial City - Gamal Michelen
1 November
The Historic Center as a Tourism Attraction - Juan Llado

Wed, 27 September, 2017
Starts at 07:30 PM



Convento de los Dominicos
Padre Billini, Zona Colonial
Santo Domingo
 DOminican Republic