Little Shop of Horrors: new Amaury Sánchez musical





"La tiendita del horror", the comedy musical, opens at Palacio de Bellas Artes with six shows on two weekends from 9 to 18 November 2017. The Amaury Sánchez production is directed by Waddys Jáquez with Amaury Sánchez in charge of the music by six musicians. The show stars are José Guillermo Cordero as the carnivorous plant; Irvin Alberti, the dentist; Javier Grullón Seymour; and Kenny Grullón, the owner of the store. Others are Ilsa Moreno, Alanda Cabrera, Nathalie Sánchez and Judith Rodríguez (Odris).
The Little Shop of Horrors is an adaptation of the off-Broadway musical comedy of the same name by composer Alan Menken and writer Howard Ashman. It tells the story of a dejected florist shop worker who finds out his venus fly trap can speak but demands a fresh supply of blood. The musical itself was based on a 1960s film.

Fri, 17 November, 2017
Starts at 08:00 PM


Palacio de Bellas Artes
Maximo Gomez with Independencia
Santo Domingo

 809 687-0504 Ext. 2004