Christmas art exhibition at Galeria 360





Venid y Adoremos is the name of the Dominican art exhibition commemorative of the Christmas time on display throughout the Galeria 360 mall. The participating artists are Alberto Houllemont, Pedro Gallardo, Lizette Mejía, Lucio Spitaleri, Emerén Haché, Osiris Gómez, Rosa Esther Lamarche, Pedro Veras, Ariel Soto, José Morillo (Galeria Bodden). The works are inspired on the Nativity scene, the Christ child and Christmas spirit. 

The event is coordinated by artist Soraya Medina, vice president of the Association of Art Galleries (AGA). A percentage of the sales will go to help the Fundación Amigos Contra el Cáncer Infantil (FACCI) that helps children with cancer. The exhibition will be at the Av. John F. Kennedy mall through 7 January 2018 in its western hall.

Fri, 05 January, 2018
 All Day Event


Galeria 360
Av. John F Kennedy
Santo Domingo
 Dominican Republic