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"Amazing experience"
Oct 2017
Amazing service !!! The office is clean and the staff is extremely professional and courteous this office puts American dental facilities to shame when it comes to its customer service and equipment. Dr.Asenjo was extremely accommodating I contacted him a few days prior to arriving to Punta Cana about seeing him and he was able to see me at the time And date I requested. His technique was efficient, fast and most importantly pain free he repaired a tooth and worked on 5 cavities in less than a hour my favorite part was that he did not have to use anesthesia (painless I tell you )I am extremely satisfied with his work I'm coming back next year to get a few more things done. Thank you Dr. Ansejo for your professionalism and extraordinary service.
"aswesome work"
Jul 2017
The only vacation that can make me and my family smile again and again ... we are eternally grateful to Doctor Miguel and Doctor Dinarda, they are incredible human beings and what you least think is that you just left the dentist. Punta Cana will always be the best vacation destination in our lives ... luxury accommodation, transportation, excellent treatment and care, just incredible that we have repeated a couple of times and we want to continue doing with the rest of our family. Recommended for the whole community.
"Excellent clinic in Punta Cana"
Jul 2017
If you want a top professionel clinic with the newest equipment and highest standards this is the right place to go. More advanced technology than i have seen in Europe and a highly qualified and very friendly dentist:-)
"Best experience with a root canal treatment"
Jun 2017
I'm a travel agent, so I'm often traveling. While vacationing in Punta Cana, I felt a sharp pain in my tooth when exposed to hot or cold food and drinks. I couldn't wait it out until I returned home and I wanted to enjoy my vacation painlessly. So, I had no choice but to get it looked at immediately. I feared the injections that I was accustomed to for past root canal treatments, if it came down to having to do one for this tooth. I came to enjoy my vacation, after all, and not to writhe in pain. However, I was blown away by Dr. Asenjo's handling of the treatment. No injections were necessary and I didn't feel a thing throughout the process. He had completed the root canal treatment such that I could get the permanent crown at my own pace within a 6 month period - I could opt to get it done later when I returned home or on a return visit in the 6 month period. He was clear in communicating my options and what I needed to know. I never had a greater experience than at Dr. Asenjo's office and I highly recommend him to anyone staying in Punta Cana. He's located conveniently by the airport, so any hotel can connect you via taxi or shuttle service.
"Excelente dentista"
Jun 2017
Eu estou de férias em Punta Cana e tive um problema com minha coroa. Indicaram para mim o Dr. Miguel. Foi o que me salvou. Ótimo profissional. Alem do atendimento excelente, o ambiente do consultório e maravilhoso.
"Excelente tratamento"
Jun 2017
Eu estou de férias em Punta Cana e tive um problema com minha coroa. Indicaram para mim o Dr. Miguel. Foi o que me salvou. Ótimo profissional. Alem do atendimento excelente, o ambiente do consultório e maravilhoso.
"Great Service - Very Thanks"
Jun 2017
I broke my tooth on my vacation and Dr. Miguel fix it perfectly. Good job!


Quebrei meu dente nas férias e o Dr. Miguel consertou ele perfeitamente. Bom trabalho! Obrigado.
"Emergency Relief"
Mar 2017
I was in the DR with family on vacation when I had worsening dental pain requiring continuous application of ice. I found Dr Asenjo on Google, called his office and he agreed to see me in one hour as an emergency visit ( he would be staying late with my case). When I arrived at his office I was immediately relieved as it appeared state of art. I was promptly assisted by the staff and then met Dr Asenjo. He immediately performed a block which relieved my pain and then examined me. It turned out I had complete fracture and required the tooth to be pulled. He discussed putting an implant as well which I agreed to. I had no pain after the procedure, he called me personally next day (a Saturday) to see how I was doing. The cost of my care was about 1/3 of what it would have been in US. I was incredibly impressed and am still thankful that I found Dr Asenjo. I am a physician and have seen many dentists over my life and I am a very happy patient and would recommend Dr Asenjo with high praise.
"Amazing combination of Service, Quality and Price"
Mar 2017
Dr. Miguel Asenjo is an amazing dentist. He uses new "state of the art" equipment and techniques. I had two implants and two crowns replaced. You will be very happy with his work and his friendly staff. He speaks really good English and stays in touch with you before and after to make sure things go well. I strongly recommend him.
"Very pleasantly surprised"
Jan 2017
We vacationed here from Canada, and my son had an oral exam by a Canadian dentist before we left. Canadian dentist said cost to fix four cavities along with a baby tooth extraction would be $1,400 CDN ($1,150 USD). We decided to try a Dominican dentist to see what it would cost. We ended up paying 1/4 of what we would have paid in Canada, and to our complete surprise Dr. Asenjo's office is one of the most modern I've ever seen. Digital x-ray, 3D tooth modeling, needless filings etc. My son had his cavities fixed and baby tooth extracted in about 30 minutes without any pain. My daughter was also seen, and had her molars sealed very inexpensively.

If you are here on vacation (or a DR resident) and need any dental work done, I wouldn't hesitate to use Dr. Asenjo. Easily the best dental experience I've seen, and I was very surprised at the level of technology in his dental clinic and his reasonable professional fees.
"Opened his clinic on New years Day! speaks English fluently"
Jan 2017
I was on holiday in Punta Cana and quite unfortunately, right on the eve of New Years, my top molar broke (half the tooth came off- bad job by a New york dentist just 3 days earlier). I was quite upset as I knew the next day was New Years day and a Sunday- what were the chances I would get urgent dental attention!?
I found the details of Dr Miguel Asenjo online and left a voice message on the morning of 1 Jan (not expecting a response). Not only did he call back immediately, he especially opened his clinic for me on the New years Day!! He was extremely professional. He worked alone with no staff to help and did a great job- explaining what he did. He also suggested what else I should get done once I am back in New York. A very important aspect was that he spoke english fluently (since I don't speak Spanish at all).
Only a person with great passion for his work would go out of his way to open a clinic for one patient!! I am extremely grateful to him for attending to my urgent need and more importantly saving my holiday from being a disaster!!
We need him in New York!!!! Thanks Dr Asenjo- From your first patient of 2017- Smita Jain.
"Such a good experience!"
Dec 2016
Dr. Asenjo was very welcoming and nice. I'm from the United States so I was really nervous about going to a dentist in a different country. He made me feel comfortable and did a great job! I would recommend him to anyone, in fact I already did to my colleagues at Club Med Punta Cana.
Nov 2016
During my vacation in Punta Cana, I experienced some teeth pain and the beginning of my vacation was not a happy one. I googled "best dental surgeon in Punta Cana" and Dr. Miguel Asenjo was the first to show up. I did my research on him. I went on his facebook and Instagram and noticed he has almost 10,000 followers!! I looked at all his work and I was amazed....but still skeptical, as I am a Canadian Citizen and I've heard so many stories about getting horrible dental work outside of Canada. I WAS WRONG!!!! All the staff at my resort knew him and said he was the best in Punta Cana and that many future soon to be dentist looked up to him. I emailed Dr.asenjo and not only did he reply back he also called me back right away. He was so comforting and told me he would take care of me and he knew how expensive Canada charges for dental work, and told me not to worry about the money, and that he wanted to make sure I wasn't in pain anymore.
I was very nervous before I met him the next day, just like any tourist would be....but when I met him I felt so relaxed and he was amazing. His office was clean and the technology he had was wayyyyyyyy more advanced than Canada!!! I couldn't believe my eyes!!! He gave me two fillings, X-rays and a cleaning...and let me tell you this, my cab ride cost more than his services!!!! He also noticed I was missing a few teeth and needed two dental implants. He asked me why I haven't fixed them and I told him that my dentist in Canada quoted me $12,000 for two dental implants. He told me that was horrible and that he would help me and fix them for less than a quarter of what I was quoted on!!!!! I feel like I FOUND THE DENTAL GOD!!!! I believe everything happens for a reason and I am so grateful I trusted my gut and met him. I am flying back to Punta Cana in February to fix my dental implants and also get 5 crowns. This dental work I would never be able to afford in Canada. His work is A++++! Quality is amazing!!!! Please check him out on Instagram @drmiguelasenjo HE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT YOU! Thank you Dr.Miguel Asenjo for your hospitality and your caring personality!!! I will refer you to all my Canadian and USA friends for now on!! See you soon in 2017 when I come back for my next appt.
"Great Dental Practice"
Nov 2016
Excellent service , very professional . I would recommend Dr. Miguel to anyone who's interested in excellent dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry . 👍😁 thumbs up
"Excellent emergency treatment"
Aug 2016
As I was on holidays in Punta Cana, a temporary tooth bridge become loose. Dr Asenjo very kindly agreed to see me first thing the next day, although he was not scheduled to be in his practise in Punta Cana Village. He sent me very clear instructions to find the dental clinic and he performed very professionally an efficient procedure. Thank you very much.
"Great service"
Aug 2016
Very professional great dentist great staff. I was visiting and broke my tooth and Dr Asenjo was recommended and I called from the hotel and he saw me right away . He was very patient with me and he explained all what I needed to have done and my pain was minimal . I would love to have him finish the work that needs to done in my mouth .
"Unbelievable dental experience"
Jan 2016
Deciding to go the dental vacation route I wasn't expecting anything "better" than what one would get in Canada; just if I could get 2 vacations out of the procedure for around the same price it would ensure I took time away from my business to heal ... and ... why wouldn't I?

Well, the bedside manner of the dentist and the surgeon was above and beyond, waaaay above and beyond any patient care I've received from a dentist, or even a doctor for that matter, in Canada.

When one has such a procedure as an implant, you're expecting some discomfort, but they gave me a pain drug and an antibiotic in the chair and a list of what I needed to buy when I left. I followed the plan to the letter, as I would back home, but my daughter, who'd had wisdom teeth extracted, gave me a heads-up of what I could expect.

NOTHING!!! NONE of what one would expect! I felt not even one tiny twinge of pain ... And now it's been 3 weeks since the procedure. Not even ANY discomfort!!!

I'm of the opinion (from numerous dental visits during my lifetime) that the care from Dr. Asenjo is FAR SUPERIOR to any I would ever receive in Canada. And the incredibly friendly experience I had in the Guesthouse I chose to stay in in Bavaro, with going to local restaurants, the locals' beach and dance clubs where the locals go, was a vacation I look forward to repeating ... soon.

Thank you Miguel and your wonderful team.
"Highly Recommended!"
Dec 2015
My experience with Dr. Asenjo was nothing but positive! His professionalism and comforting personality is just what a person wishes for in a sensitive situation. I am returning to the DR to complete stage 2 of extensive dental work and am excited about my new smile! I highly recommend Dr. Miguel Asenjo and his team for your dental needs.
Dec 2015
I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Miguel Asenjo, a true professional who has prompted me to be excited about dental work! After completing step 1 of extensive repair and restoration, I feel comfortable under the care of this dentist and his team. I was naturally a bit nervous about being an American having work done in a foreign country however, I am convinced I made the right decision and look forward to smiling again! I highly recommend Dr. Miguel Asenjo for all of your dental needs.
"excellent place for dental work"
Nov 2015
holla j'ai eu une tres bonne experience professionnel avec DRmiguel Asenjo dentise a punta cana nous somme du canada ( gatineau ) et mon mari ce fais des implants dentaire ( dent visser a punta cana !!! nous avont eu 2 rendez vous dans la semaine il ma tous expliquer ce quil fesais , une endroit tres propre ,tres professionnel prochain rendez vous en fevrier 2016 le cout de punta cana es pas a comparer de ici au canada et le services est parfais je vous conseil tres fort dallez voir Dr miguel asenjo tres bon dentiste qui parle tres bien anglais un endroit tres touriste Merci encore a Dr miguel asenjo et staff
!!!!holla I had a very good experience with DRmiguel Asenjo has a dentise Punta Cana we are from canada (Gatineau) and my husband is doing dental implants in Punta Cana !!! we had two appointments in the weekdr asenjo explain what it was doing to my husband!!! a very clean place next appointment is in February 2016 the cost of punta cana are none compare to here in canada hi very strong advice you to go see Dr. miguel asenjo very good dentist who speaks very good English and its very clean, lots tourist, Thanks again to Dr. miguel asenjo and staff
see you soon :) julie and marc from CANADA
"excellent services and prices"
Nov 2015
first wood like to say thanks you for everyting and that Dr Miguel asenjo in punta cana is very good at wath he do wath hi like you have contact immediately with him email or phone or texte we were just there on the 22 of november excellent services very good job very professionnel very clean place hi wood recommend this place to everybody that need dental work very good prices tanks again see you soon in february 2016 :)
Aug 2015
I went to see Dr Asenjo for a 3 tooth bridge after email and telephone consultations. His offices are clean and bright and easy to find near Punta Cana airport. He was very professional and explained what he was doing the whole time, after an initial 2 hour appointment I went back 8 days later to have my permanent bridge installed which took about 40 minutes. I'm really happy to have this as the flipper I had previously was becoming more and more of an irritant. I won't hesitate to recommend this dentist and have already passed on his details to 2 of my friends.
"excellent dentist"
Jun 2015
I had a longer treatment with Dr. Asenjo in his clinic in Punta Cana and was very satisfied with the results. Dr. Asenjo specialized in Bioesthetic Dentistry so he first analyzed if there were any problems with jaw, teeth, bite, chewing action and muscle system. In my case this was very important because occlusion was unsatisfactory and the treatment (new crowns and bridges) helped me to obtain a much better bite again. Dr. Asenjo works with an excellent dental lab technician who makes extraordinary looking crowns and veneers. Absolutely natural appearance. Dr. Asenjo is a very dedicated dentist, working on the leading edge of technology and always up to date. He responds immediately to his patient s needs and cares a lot about their condition during the treatment. I can highly recommend Dr. Asenjo: as a person as well as a specialist in aesthetic dentistry and any restorative questions.
"Great Experience"
Jun 2015
I had the very good experience of choosing Dr Asenjo for my out of the US dental trip. The clinic and staff lived up to all of my expectations. Both Dr Asenjo and his sister are completely professionals. I will be returning in August to finish up the work that was started.
"Great Experience"
Jan 2015
I visited Dr. Asenjo because I had labored for over three years with a problem of my gum. My german dentist couldn't find the cause or suggest a solution. It took Dr. Asenjo just 10 seconds to make the correct diagnosis and the following replacement of a foully crown resolved my problem immediately. Afterwards we discussed the possibility of improving my frontal teeth with 6 "Lumineers". I was a little bit reluctant, fearing that they could appear to artificial. But the result is actually fantastic. My teeth now have an absolutely normal look, and I catch my self now and then smiling with no apparent reason. Thank you, Dr. Asenjo, you did an wonderful job and I felt so well during the whole process, as if being treated by a good friend of mine.
"Excellent service and patience!"
Jul 2014
Dr. Miguel Asenjo has not only great knowledge in his area of expertise, but also knows how to treat and understand his patients. It is a great privilege to be treated by this talented doctor. Recommended!
"Love my dentist, Dr.Miguel Asenjo."
Jan 2013
My family and I had the pleasant opportunity to meet this wonderful dentist. He is very dedicated, hardworking and nice. I recommend it because it has a large capacity and is very delicate in his work. Very good doctor. The best i ever met.
"dibuja una sonrisa"
Nov 2012
Asi sali del consultorio de el Dr Miguel Asenjo con una sonrisa muy satisfactoria por la calidad del trabajo por la paciencia y consejos del Dr
por saber tratar a sus pacientes un trabajo excelente
ir a este consultorio no es solo un deber bucal pero os dan consulta consejos al fin una de las mejores inversiones del año gracias
"Great Professional"
Dec 2011
I had the opportunity to be a patient of Dr. Miguel Asenjo. I first went to his practice for an acute pain in my jaw. I then learned that I had a serious condition that Dr. Miguel Asenjo had the solution for. This was his specialty which is Bioestetic treatment. To make this story short. It has been over a year since I was treated and there hasn't been any discomfort or any negative experiences whatsoever. Which is out of the ordinary in our country.

Dr. Miguel Asenjo is probably the best dental professional in our island, hands down.
"Excellent Dentist!"
Jul 2012
Mr. Asenjo is an excellent dentist. He is very kind and he knows how to make a patient feel comfortable. I went to visit him because one of my best friends recommended me to do it, and I have to say that I'm glad I did. After he solve my dental problem I feel alive again. He is the best!