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  1. steps to residency, just to make sure.
  2. AMET. DR is full of terrorists!
  3. If a women marries a dominican man and becomes a citizen....
  4. Residency Visa for overstayers.... our journey
  5. Can one person renew TWO perm Residencia's??
  6. Residencia expired
  7. Outrageous cost of Visa for Canadians? Please help!
  8. Extended Tourist Visa Possibilities for Snowbirds?
  9. Starting a hotel business
  10. Dual Citizenship
  11. New renewal procedures for Pemanent-Residents(under 10 year residency) ?
  12. New Law for American Visa in the DR
  13. Taking finger prints
  14. Belgian people doing residency
  15. Cold Play Concert in Toronto is Tax Deductable in the DR ?
  16. Can you get divorced in the DR if you married in the UK?
  17. What exactly is the court/charging/sentencing process here?
  18. Flying into DR on Friday
  19. i just want a new cedula....for an americano
  20. Lost marriage Certificate
  21. Buying a second hand vehicle?
  22. Criminal background and residency, citizenship.
  23. What is the difference between a tourist card and a 60 day visa?
  24. sponsoring- can my mother still Sponsor my husband
  25. Update on Residence Visa without leaving the country (Hillbilliy's contact)
  26. Good Conduct certificate in other cities?
  27. Obtaining Dominican Citizenship for my Daughter
  28. How to enforce severance pay
  29. Native American Wanting Dual Citizenship in Dominican Republic
  30. Is there a general procaduria in santiago ....???
  31. Immigration lawyer
  32. Transfer funds from USA bank to DR Bank
  33. Need help: my daughter is in the DR with expired passport
  34. Residency application costs.
  35. Is my child a Dominican Citizen?
  36. Dominicans visiting Panama
  37. Complicated inheritance
  38. Can a Permanent-Resident use the services of Politur ?
  39. Cedual renewel
  40. Divorcing
  41. Buying a Motorcycle - How to?
  42. Immigration Website is up again!
  43. Confusion over residency application
  44. Update Residence Visa / Residency
  45. 10.000 usd
  46. Residency visa and one way tickets?
  47. How to ship a parrot to DR? Is it even possible?
  48. Prison Life
  49. Can I renew my Permanent-Residency at a different city this time ?
  50. Stupid question time! The final process in SD for temp. visa?
  51. temporary residency - new law
  52. Reputable lawyer for I-130 in Miami
  53. Labor law: if an employee resigns does he get "liquidacion"?
  54. Letter of guarantee - Exaclty whats needed?
  55. What rights for baby of Dominican Mother and Father is American citizen?
  56. Formally renouncing your Permanent-Residency.
  57. Labor law: sanction for employer not paying minimum wage?
  58. Tourist card overstay
  59. how to renew my Dominican passport?
  60. The new 6-month law, true or false ?
  61. New immigration law: the 6-month rule and related matters
  62. Residency visa for UK citizens
  63. Residency Visa application costs from around the world?
  64. Residency Visa - Important Update
  65. Claiming Dominican Income
  66. Adoption of your partners children
  67. Common Law
  68. Regarding new Provisional Residency and Cedula - What happens next?
  69. Freezing a Bank Account
  70. The Snowbird Question
  71. Shipping a Car to DR
  72. Legal age for child to choose guardian?
  73. New 60 day tourist cards in effect?
  74. Certified Copies of Dominican Passports
  75. Blackmail question
  76. The new ruling on squatters rights
  77. Taking in a lodger.
  78. advice on a lawyer in Santiago
  79. Opening hours Migration SD
  80. Dominican law: legal rights for a house in DR after ddivorce?
  81. Residency Visa for UK citizens.
  82. Proof of onward travel required
  83. Child Support
  84. Getting stuck on i-130 form
  85. el titulo and el impuesto
  86. open bank acc in d.r
  87. US Tourist Visa for a Dominican citizen?
  88. Refusal rate for DR res.
  89. Question For Sr. Guzman-Corporate Document For RE Transaction-
  90. Public liability cover?
  91. Please help!!!!
  92. my two years resident card already expired
  93. Under the new residency regulations would you recommend to someone to move to the DR?
  94. The government considers new idea to end unemployment
  95. How much was the P-R renewal fee before August 2012 ?
  96. Tourism for Colombians?
  97. From S.A. to S.R.L.
  98. Multiple citizenship (3 or more)?
  99. Legal ways to bring workers to USA
  100. Temporary Residency
  101. New Residency rule?
  102. Retrieving Rental Deposit from Banco Agricola
  103. Certificado de Buena Conducta
  104. Protest actions against the new residency renewal rules (vexations)
  105. Uk driving licence
  106. Totally independent of Electrical Power Company
  107. An insider view of coruption ,from inside a dominican jail ! Incredible
  108. Problematic divorce
  109. penalty to leave the DR
  110. Banks and "poder de firma"
  111. citizenship costs
  112. Real Estate Transfer Taxes
  113. Blackmail??? Advice needed
  114. buying a house without deslinde
  115. lawyer in Sosua
  116. Looking for Lawyer in Bavaro area
  117. Adoption
  118. Many Thanks To Don Fabio Guzman, and the "Guzman Ariza Lae Offices In The DR!
  119. Need Help with a simple, but important legal Question
  120. Title issues on mother's home
  121. Wealth Manager in DR
  122. Canada Residency Anyone ?
  123. Q for hotel pros
  124. Renting a House
  125. A couple of medical tips.
  126. Avoid fakes on making cedula/residency!
  127. perplexing situation
  128. buying price and declared price
  129. age of consent
  130. Do-It-Yourself Permanent Residency Renewal???
  131. new rules for tourist card?
  132. Tourist Card Vs. Travel Visa? Help!
  133. Two WORLD-CLASS Dominican wealth managers
  134. Foreigner Adopting Dominican Child as DR Resident
  135. Opening a bar
  136. Criminals inside the legal system protected by the law!!!!!
  137. Is there any update info for residency renew?
  138. Would appreciate some advice on permanent residency renewal
  139. Medical exam for permanent residency renewal?
  140. Consensus on the 6-month absence rule for perm. residents?
  141. Residence visa needed to renew permanent residency?
  142. Spain - automatic residency?
  143. Disadvantages of obtaining Dominican residency
  144. Question about work and Permanent Residency
  145. Question about Child Support/Custody
  146. Contract problem with Orange Dominicana
  147. Special re-entry permit if residency expires while out of the DR
  148. The Language of the Constitution
  149. Getting Married
  150. Residency or Citizenship through Marriage
  151. Expiry dates on Passports when visiting the DR from Canada
  152. getting a (temporary) resident visa
  153. Buying 50% Of A Business - Need Advice
  154. Age of Consent
  155. building permit
  156. Parental consent for taking child out of DR
  157. Buying a used R6 R1
  158. Marlon browne against the mafiosa ____final chapter
  159. Importance Of Keeping Expired Passport If You Own Property
  160. Employment while residency application is in the process.
  161. Amnesty Law Enacted
  162. Lawyer has our Original Documents
  163. Divorce HELPPPP
  164. Proof of economic solvency
  165. leaving tomorrow- Dec 18. Been here since July 19, 2011 - how much?
  166. Business Visa for employment purposes.
  167. Taxi driver dilemma
  168. Medical use of Cannabis oil
  169. Spanish Language Requirement For Getting Citizenship In D.R.
  170. How much money do I need in my Dominican bank account?
  171. Need Divorce from Two Wives In Dominican Republic
  172. Dominican residency under new immigration law
  173. Opening a retail shop without forming a corporation
  174. Eirl
  175. Renewing A Permanent Residency Card That Is Expiring?
  176. Custody of wife's nephew
  177. dominican republic dual citizenship
  178. Common Law and Property Division after a split.
  179. Copy of marriage certificate
  180. Average cost to incorporate a business in DR
  181. Work visas, residency and travel in and out of DR.. Advice needed please!
  182. Removing parental rights from an absentee parent.
  183. Money Needed In A Bank To Prove Solvency For Renewal Of Permanent Residency
  184. Jenny Familiar
  185. Driver licence renewal ?
  186. ITBIS on Items shipped in under $200
  187. Dominicans owing money and leaving the country
  188. Define the word PARRAFO in law - URGENT
  189. Transferring money to a Dominican bank account
  190. Validity of medical exam
  191. What is the new medical exam like?
  192. Duplicado de Titulo de Propiedad.
  193. Residency Visa
  194. Suspending Expired Cedulas?
  195. Asimilado into the Policia Nacional
  196. Bank fees for inactivity
  197. Opening a Dominican bank account
  198. Uk visa for a dominican person
  199. Paperwork for marriage in DR
  200. Divorce
  201. Proof of economic solvency letter
  202. X-Ray Machine Harmful?
  203. Aura Celeste Fernández joins Guzmán Ariza Law Firm
  204. Overview on Dominican Tax Law (Updated - Dec. 31, 2012)
  205. getting married, need advice and help
  206. Need legal advice about dominican mother rights and migracion
  207. Length of validity of medical exam results!
  208. what are my rights under DR law for breach of contract of purchase of property?
  209. Is there a Polygraph test company in the DR?
  210. Filing for custody: Help
  211. Interesting constitutional law
  212. Anyone ever failed the medical exam?
  213. Spanish-language interview for citizenship
  214. Exporting Dominican Cigars to Europe
  215. Cedula required for regular 4 month visits?
  216. charitable foundations in dr
  217. non-profit charitable museum foundation
  218. Question: Is It Possible For A Foreign
  219. Affidavit Legalization at Procuradora General
  220. Any particular reason my post was deleted?
  221. wife's survivor benefits
  222. citizenship
  223. Help : contract law
  224. Tourist Card Extension
  225. Adoption- where to begin.
  226. Dominican citizenship by virtue of Article 11 of the Constitution and Article 26 of L
  227. Legalized birth certificate with apostille for citizenship
  228. how to get new stamp in passport without leaving the country?
  229. Applying for Temp Res Myself
  230. One way ticket to DR
  231. Leaving DR and coming back but with no return flight to leave again, any problem?
  232. Citizenship and naturalization process
  233. Leaving the DR while waiting on Residency
  234. Divorce
  235. Temporal Residence
  236. Residency Question
  237. Power of Attorney
  239. Can I enter the DR with...
  240. Dominican lawmakers join hemisphere’s drug decriminalization trend
  241. I am now officially Dominican
  242. Sending documents to the DR by courier service
  243. tourist visa extension is physically in same paper that overstay penalty paid bill?
  244. Parental Rights
  245. No duty on items under $200 US except for TVs?
  246. legal description of condo
  247. Reporting illegal renovations?
  248. help with residency questions
  249. Tax filing obligations
  250. Procedure for obtaining citizenship