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  1. German guy killed in jail
  2. New 24 Hours McDonalds
  3. Hampton Inn Suites by Hilton
  4. What fun things would you recommend in SD?
  5. Tricom Internet
  6. Hello to all! I'm looking for a translator/interpreter in SD, June 10th
  7. avenida duarte and km 14
  8. Where to watch Athletico Madrid vs Bayern Munich on Tuesday 2:45pm Tuesday ?
  9. Movie theaters in Santo Domingo?
  10. Merengue/Bachata lessons
  11. Hospital Veterinario Arroyo Hondo
  12. Chess Tournament at Club Naco
  13. Hot deals rent a car...
  14. urbanization real
  15. my post about hot deals car
  16. Great service at Ducati of Santo Domingo
  17. super modern new gym. Smart fit
  18. trash for food exchange
  19. Good seafood Market On Lincoln
  20. So many house " Se Vende " in Zona Colonial ... How come ???
  21. Av. Independencia cemetery tour
  22. Earthquake?
  23. Where is the city?
  24. new laundromat
  25. many buildings in SD will not withstand large earthquake
  26. Lost control on Malecon and into sea
  27. Did you feel it?
  28. Em
  29. Parque Mirador del Oeste
  30. handyman in santo domingo
  31. Does EasyTaxi work in Santo Domingo? How about Uber?
  32. Finally completed my trip to Santo Domingo
  33. german resident killed in distrito nacional
  34. SD Rooftop lounge/restaurant suggestions
  35. appartment
  36. Taxi from migracion office to aeropuerto SD
  37. Please help with travel dilemma
  38. Cheap fares from Jet Blue
  39. Santo Domingo to Bavaro
  40. Meeting women in Santo domingo este
  41. New Traffic Road Markings in the Capital
  42. Urgent please!!!!
  43. Is it possible to find bilingual therapists/psychologists in Santo Domingo?
  44. Need a Restaurant Recommendation in Santo Domingo
  45. Where to spend the wedding night in Santo Domingo?
  46. Merengue Festival
  47. Pools in Gascue Area?
  48. Custom Built Computers: Desktop PC's
  49. raped woman miscarries, throws foetus at the rapist
  50. Real Estate Event
  51. 10 Year Old Girl Reportedly Killed For Her Organs
  52. spanish man killed during robbery attempt
  53. The campo is closer than you think
  54. Restaurant recommendation for Bella Vista (Santo Domingo)
  55. spaniard arrested for sexual abuse of minors
  56. hotel Zona Colonial
  57. Help with Mancation
  58. Thugs on motocycles; big problem, few answers
  59. Kidnapped child hoax(?)
  60. Body Found on 27 de Febrero Median
  61. DNCD and Navy occupied 575 packages of cocaine
  62. Senator's salary “not enough for a bottle of water
  63. Look at this trouble that erupted at this funeral
  64. Funeral of Catalino Sánchez Dominican politician
  65. MAAANY questions, first time in DR
  66. Just arrived in Santo Domingo, several incidents already
  67. Round trip mandatory????
  68. Excellent maid/housekeeper available
  69. bella vista armored car heist
  70. Changing Currency
  71. Street Food - Santo Domingo
  72. Help needed with SD travel connections
  73. Bravo wines
  74. Circo de Paris
  75. Netflix filming in SD
  76. California woman says brother is missing in D/R
  77. Which Banco Popular branch might be open tomorrow?
  78. taiwanese woman murdered in SD
  79. buying a used car in santo domingo
  80. Sleeping at SDQ
  81. Locations
  82. Here Come The AMET Drones
  83. 300 US$ for the man who help us finding English teaching Job (for kids) in StoDgo
  84. Gastroenterologist in Santo Domingo ?
  85. Blackouts in Gazcue
  86. Metro Line 2 - expansion
  87. group of tourists attacked and robbed in zona colonial
  88. Recommendation for a good Dermatologist?
  89. american man arrested for abuse of minors
  90. AMET - U Turns And they fire Guns
  91. Living in Bella Vista Advice
  92. Going after the Chinese
  93. Best way to get a taxi at SDQ
  94. Anyone in the Ice Cream Business?
  95. U.S. Passport Renewal
  96. What's a good reputable tour company for Santo Domingo?
  97. Rape Counselling
  98. carros publico along churchill avenue
  99. Venezuelan invasion of DR ???
  100. How much is enough to be considered an " investment" ??
  101. Memoires of an international assassin
  102. Anti-blackout protest backs up traffic
  103. Would like to earn TEFL Certification in USA to teach english in Santo Domingo...
  104. Another Bella Vista Assault
  105. La Casa de Paellas
  106. Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
  107. British man rescued from kidnappers
  108. Dominican Republic nabs 92 Colombian and Venezuelan ‘hookers’ Santo Domingo
  109. How much to get an English/Spanish translator or where to find one?
  110. Electric bill & Internet speeds in Colonial Zone
  111. Moving Boxes and Supplies
  112. El Meson de la Cava - where is the parking ground and entrance?
  113. Apart Hotel Roma II
  114. Best cheapest hotels in Zona Colonial
  115. New Years Eve in the Capital
  116. What is wrong with Arroyo Hondo nowadays?
  117. Looking for a part-time babysitter fluent in Mandarin
  118. Best views
  119. Looking to Hire a Nanny / Maid in Santo Domingo
  120. Car Rental
  121. Billiards/Pool
  122. Flour
  123. Santo Domingo Trip Help
  124. Best way to ship a drum set from Minnesota to Santo Domingo?
  125. Racetrack Visit
  126. Best Hospital ERs in Santo Domingo
  127. Car rental
  128. Enviapaq courier service
  129. Shipping 55 inch flat panel TV
  130. Two questions: where to buy & flower shop speaking English :)
  131. Otorrinolaringologo (ear nose, throat) Doctor in Santo Domingo
  132. mechanic
  133. Torre vs residencial.
  134. Traffic congestion
  135. Quality whey isolate protein and info on gyms
  136. Santo Domingo Lodging Suggestion
  137. Window Air Conditioners
  138. Need a woodworking chemical: NAPHTHA lighter fuel- Where do I get it?
  139. Yeast in Santo Domingo??
  140. Spanish schools/classes
  141. Overloaded tractor trailer hits Gas Station
  142. SDQ Airport Taxis
  143. The best place/possibility to change Euros to Pesos
  144. Banco Popular Santo Domingo
  145. they are not all bad and scary
  146. Rental car company and insurance
  147. apartments Santo Domingo
  148. Food delivery / Menucomdo
  149. Los Restauradores Santo Domingo - Opinions?
  150. Dominican Baseball Jersey
  151. Cab Stand in SDQ
  152. ¡uberMOTO llegó a Santo Domingo, tómalo desde $20 pesos!
  153. Budget clothes shopping?
  154. Few questions :P
  155. Where to buy an aluminium shelf in Santo Domingo?
  156. Place for wedding with nature touch + wedding planner
  157. How I Almost Got Robbed: A Cautionary Tale...
  158. Crime in Santo Domingo
  159. Floating bridge closed
  160. Are we allowed to...
  161. Buy gold bars
  162. another american arrested for sexual abuse of minors
  163. Where to buy a Crock Pot
  164. Santo Domingo Motorbike Rental
  165. Tall Ship in Zona Colonial
  166. Hotel Isabel La catolica Boutique
  167. Gastroenterologist or Hospital with good Gastroenterology clinic in Santo Domingo
  168. Neptunos, Boca Chic - closed?
  169. Jet Set Night Club- Foul odor in mens room
  170. Los Alcarrizos
  171. EDESUR what was that email again to solicite daily consume report?
  172. 1st time to The Dominican Republic
  173. Zona Colonial streets closed this weekend
  174. Cell Phones in Santo Domingo
  175. taxi from las americas to avenida luperon
  176. fabric stores
  177. spanish-cuban couple found murdered in gascue
  178. Obtaining cedula...
  179. Boxing in Santo Domingo
  180. Looking for a room mate Santo Domingo Norte in a secure residencial
  181. Kid Nasty Mannequin
  182. MacBook pro issue
  183. Where to get U.S. Dollars in Santo Domingo?
  184. The more i visit the city & country the less like it.
  185. Solar panels for top floor.
  186. Floating Library in Santo Domingo until September 2nd
  187. Thai food in Santo Domingo
  188. 24 Hours Stores
  189. Are There Any Bi-Lingual Private Schools In Santo Domingo
  190. Humidistat + Dehumidifier
  191. TeleOfertas
  192. New grocery delivery service
  193. Orange Umbrellas in Herrara
  194. Alter Ego kills the forum again
  195. Not a single post in this forum since 7/29
  196. CEDIMAT Medical Conference
  197. PN have new motorcycle helmets!
  198. Dominican press
  199. Chiropractor.
  200. No Publicos on Main Streets???
  201. Passing of Bayaguanaman
  202. New Home for 89 year old
  203. Malecon Renovations
  204. Jazz Nights at the Acrópolis Center
  205. Santo Domingo Reggaeton dance clubs/parties NOVEMBER Friday / Sat night
  206. Uber users?
  207. fabian cake shop on roberto pastoriza
  208. Supermercado Ole - Ave. Duarte
  209. Floating Bridge in SD closed again
  210. Cheapest New Refrigerator in Santo Domingo
  211. COYO TACO
  212. Air BNB vs. Smaller boutique Hotel Properties
  213. Starting school here. what are the options?
  214. Things to do..
  215. Where to buy bricks in Santo Domingo?
  216. Authorities seize 20,000 counterfeit Viagra in SD
  217. Santo domingo visit September
  218. Santo Domingo Public Taxis
  219. Santo Domingo Circa 1956
  220. Office Store in SD
  221. Thai restaurant closed in ZC
  222. Porsche Santo Domingo
  223. 3 D Ultrasound in Santo Domingo (Pregnancy)
  224. Two good comedies showing in Santo Domingo
  225. Best place to watch Monday Night Football in Sto Dgo
  226. Colonial Zone Pub Crawl
  227. Claro store in SD Airport
  228. A Hipster's Guide to Santo Domingo
  229. Recommendation for see below... :)
  230. Los Tres Ojos - Santo Domingo
  231. Looking for a used SUV or Jeep
  232. Drinking street water - interesting results
  233. Little food shop.
  234. Cleaning up Santo Domingo
  235. First Time Flat Tire
  236. Santo Domingo de Guzman
  237. Where can a Tecnomaster Smart T.V fix?
  238. Safe way to sell stuff...
  239. recommendations for quality restaurant
  240. Living in "Paradise".
  241. What is the best hospital and/or private doctor in the Capitol?
  242. Did you feel it? Strong shake Santo Domingo
  243. Food Safety Concerns
  244. Dermatologist Recommendation in Santo Domingo?
  245. Guess we dont want to address food safety soncerns in Santo Domingo
  246. where have all the dogs gone
  247. Where to leave medical supplies for later pick up by another person?
  248. CA glue (Cyanoacrylate)
  249. New Franchise Coming To SDQ in 2018
  250. WTF?