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Thread: Child Prostitution Possible Solution

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    Capt. Rob

    Default Child Prostitution Possible Solution

    After reading about the CHILD PROSTITUTION I was thinking maybe Boys and Girls Clubs might help. Also Big Brothers/Big Sisters Programs. I have plenty of time to donate if someone can set up the programs. Maybe the U.S. programs would help us get set-up.

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    Default Re: Child Prostitution Possible Solution

    Not a bad idea! I'm playing with the thought of a school
    with computers and technology in focus - something attractive
    to many children, gender unimportant.

    The issue is as always - money. There'd be a need for a
    location, as well as lodging and food. If you think some
    US organization could be helpful, please e-mail, we might
    be onto something useful!

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    Default Re: Child Prostitution Possible Solution

    I happen to have a horse ranch in La Yagua that I had to close because of health reasons. I have lived there for the past 12 years and I am very much aware of the missed youth in the D.R. I have been considering offering it to a similar program for the Dom. youth. Perhaps we can get together and come up with something. You can E mail me @ I am presently in the states and the ranch is closed with a caretaker and security guard, Would be very interested in hearing from someone with some clout with the Gov't. possibly or other individual organization.

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    Default Your apparent intentions are admirable but...

    You offer time, but time is an overabundant commodity in the DR, unlike money. Prostitution in all its forms - juvenile and the rest - has much more to do with the global economy than morals or good intentions.

    For example, I would bet big money that few practitioners participate, or would abstain, for any reason other than money - - but that's only my opinion.

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    Default The above post is in response to Capt. Rob *DC*

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    Default The likely response will be...

    an offer to finance yet another "Free Trade Zone" where weekly salaries are a fraction of an evening's earning potential as a "hostess."

    Perhaps the "compassionate Conservatives" we saw preening before the cameras today have a solution? It's a tough call deciding which situation is less diserable, the reality of what Nancy Alvarez has been exaggerating, or the NAFTA-related poisoning of the environment in the Americas.

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    Default Re: Your apparent intentions are admirable but...

    I'm offering alot more than time! What are you willing to do to improve the situation other than arguing. joe

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    ECH, M.D.

    Default Re: Child Prostitution Possible Solution

    I have worked with youth for years and the things I have learned has been astounding. In my professional position, many youth will confide in me and speak truthfully of their situation and their problems.
    Altruism is wonderful and so are boys clubs and “places to hang out” and recreation centers.
    But you want to know what the bottom line really is…ECONOMICS. They want the things they see. The Reeboks, the designer jeans, the material items of the “good life”. They don’t want to go to a Rec center if they can’t be dressed “cool” to go there.
    What they want and need are legitimate after school jobs that pay a decent salary for them to get the things they want/need. One patient confided to me that they make far more in 30 minutes on their back than they can flipping hamburgers for a week at MacDonalds. And, that is, if they can get a job at MacDonalds! There are very few jobs in developing countries for adolescents. So, if there is a way to prevent abuse and exploitation, it is thru legitimate employment opportunity and education. Most college graduates can not find decent employment, so what’s left for a high school kid?

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    Capt. Rob

    Default Save the Children/long post

    So the answer to all this is the do nothing attitude. Sure how do you get someone out of the getto in the U.S. through education and transportation. No wants to be a drug addict or prostitute and I agree jobs are a solution but to say no child will attend functions because he or she has no clothes is wrong. By opening centers to help children you also bring together the business community. Who has a vested interest in tomorrow's work force. Realize the rich people get off on being noticed when there name is put on a rec. center or there name appears in the paper it is an ego trip. Others will join in just to get the attention. Right or Wrong this is how it works. And if we only save one child ins't it worth it.In Tampa Florida who is the head of the boy's and girl's club? GEORGE STINBRENNER OWNER OF THE NEW YORK YANKEES! This is the kind of money and political power that others respect. And you cannot tell me there are no filthy rich Dominicans. These things must be done by the private sector. My father was a Shriner for 35 years and I know the power of people getting involved. I am a chef by trade and for years we would have a black tie silent auction dinner to support the Childrens Home. In one eveing we would raise over $100,000 U.S. dollars. This is just one function how did it work? We would go around to the best rest. and hotels And offer them Sponsorship Deals with awards for the top Rest./Chef by haveing a Chef Cook Off with there contacts we would get FREE MEDIA COVERAGE. The hotel/chef would get attention and through the year the general public would support them by dineing and recommending there hotels to strangers and business assoc. I could go on and on about how to get involved and give things back to the community. I also would be more than happy to talk to anyone intrested I just not want to take on such a grand project by myself. This as in many things in life a TEAM EFFORT. I live here and do want to give something back if anyone is intrested E-Mail me.

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    Ronald Heyne

    Default Re: Save the Children/Ideas, please!


    you show some ways of making money for a children help project.

    Let´s think about what can be done with it to have maximum benefit. Imagine you have a location to start with, how could it be used?

    - boarding-school type: kids live and learn in one place
    - youth-club: kids come to meet and play
    - part-time educational, in addition to the regular school: give english-classes, teach protection of the environment
    - childrens farm: learn to take responsibility for animals

    More ideas, pros and contras?

    Who/Which organisation can take care of a project like that? One of the biggest problems I have in the DR is to find reliable people.


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