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    I read in the www.dominican-republic-news page about the search and salvage of sunken ships in Montecristi, and I would like to know if the North Caribbean Research project is still working, or if there are any similar projects involving diving ancient wrecks.
    I wrote an e-mail to the address in the article,, but returned as if it could not reach it.

    Thank you for any help you can send,
    Best regards from Argentina,


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    Capt. Rob

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    Try this phone # 809-844-2075 ask for Simon or Cristine. I also have a boat there and maybe helpful if you want to do some dive. Most of these wrecks are off limits and after 500 years under the water there is not much left to see. But they can tell you more than I. They are located just after Club Nautico on the right. Look for a small hotel they bought it for housing.

    Sea Ya!

    Capt. Rob

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    The small hotel is called "las Carevellas" You might want to send jack an e-mail at "" I think they were having trouble with their website.


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