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Thread: Woman traveling alone to Punta Cana

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    Default Woman traveling alone to Punta Cana

    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to get some information on young women traveling to Punta Cana alone. I am a good looking 24 yr old woman. I have been to Dominican before several times but I have always been with family or friends. This time I just want some time to myself to get away and relax.

    I just don't know how safe it will be down there by myself. Also do you think I am going to get bored with a whole week by myself? I do want to relax but I also do like to enjoy myself on vacation and do a little partying and what not. Is it hard to meet people to hang out with down there? What would be the best resort to do so? Oh ya I am looking to head down at the end of March beginning of April 2011

    Hope to hear back from some people.



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    Hi Vanessa,,, i will be at Ocean Blue from april 11-15,, i will be solo during the day,, if ur there when i am we can hang out,,


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