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    Open letter to the dominican justice department .................. And the general public.

    We live in a country, that is widely recognised as having one of the most corrupt legal systems in the world.
    Its blatently obvious major changes must be made to the dominican legal system, if there is to be hope of truth and justice prevailing against the criminal element, that seeks to have control of the country, unopposed by law and order.
    Its a known fact,
    the definition of insanity, is the repetition of similar actions, but each time expecting a differant result.

    Since the purchase of my property in punta rucia in april 2008.
    Ive employed a succession of at least 6 lawyers to defend my rights of ownership.
    They all take payment, to start a case, then begin to act suspiciously , unreasonably, and deceitfuly ,till eventualy their duplicity is so obvious , their employment has to be terminated, to escape from insanity.

    Under dominican law their appears to be no opposition to corruption by lawyers, or punishment for having a conflict of interest .
    There is a college of lawyers that is supposed to police the actions of lawyers at santa domingo .near the river and condi street, in the colonial district.
    But in my experience that to is open to corruption.
    In my first case there, with my first two lawyers. The suppervisor of my case was the brother and cousin of the people who were recently exposed, to be acting ilegaly , in the attempt of taking of my property useing privatly payed, and armed out of uniform police,. From isabella police station in a failed arrest attempt that had no official authorisation.
    Then there was a deliberate delay of 6 months after the case was closed before i was given a report, by the obviously ashamed fiscal , stateing ,they found no wrong doing by the lawyers actions.
    In addition to this , the officials at puerta plata court had refused to give me needed evidence before the case started,
    telling me only my lawyer could get that information,
    i should ask him to get it for me.
    That was my first experiance with the college of lawyers.
    I have a second case against my last lawyer, who dissapeared from his office and the town taking my case papers with him after being paid to make an accusation against the ilegal actions of the police and dominguez people who smashed up my construction, and stole my tools and camping equipment, while i was living and working on my lawfully owned property currently in my possesion at punta rucia.
    I have a new case at santa domingo on the 25th of july .
    Seeking the enforced return of the stolen case papers .from my sacked current lawyer.

    There is an anti corruption department in santa domingo near the supreme court building. Who reluctantly listen to complaints, but who wont give any official recognition of a complaint,
    so you never know if they are helping you or reporting you as a trouble maker. Or just ignoreing the complaint.

    So during the investigation of this mysterious company named franasil or franasyl..who appears to be associated wth or controling the mafiosa.

    I interviewed a drunken young man who would not reviel his real name, but said he was known as scareface in the gang. He was the brother in law of the gang boss he claimed, who was married to his sister.
    Winston romero. Was the boss name, and they now have at least 50 members.
    Including fiscals ,judges , and lawyers ,and also some government ministers.
    Scarface continued to boast , one day his gang would be more famous and powerfull than trujillo.

    With this in mind.
    I do not wish to be considered insane.
    so i therefore demand to be allowed to represent myself in any future cases
    concerning the defence of my property and my legal rights in the dominican courts,
    thereby avoiding the oppertunity for my enemies ,to pay my own deefence to act against my best interests.
    marlon richard browne.

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    we now have a crazy situation reguarding my Punta Rusia property.
    I took a copy of my open letter to the court authorities a couple of weeks ago, i went into every department on every floor trying to get it accepted by the puerto plata court authorities.
    Eventually in the fiscals section , i got it read and accepted by Elvis Garcia ,the senior fiscal. he agreed to help investigate the matter.
    I've been hearing reports from the locals in Punta Rucia ,about the illegal sale of my property involving THE company FRANASYL, with Victor Sanchez, Gregorio Dominguez, Winston Romaro, Arnulfo Vasqez, my own lawyer Osvaldo Echaveria
    { lawyer no 6 who recently disappeared with my court papers ,who last week was ordered to give them back to me and refund the money he received from me, by the college of lawyers, but has failed to do as he promised,}
    In collusion with the punta Russia association,
    To Kuki Sylverio of puerto Plata. with the help of illegal documents.!
    Elvis Garcia wrote a citation for VIctor Sanchez to appear in court.
    he refused to appear twice, but came the third time with an arrest warrant.
    Elvis then said he would speak to the president of the association.
    but victor Sanchez gave the name of the wrong president, the one who had been sacked for corruption and ilegal collusion with Dominguez . who happens to be a friend of Victor Sanchez.
    The sacked president did appear at the fiscal office, bringing with him Gregorio dominguez, his lawyer Arnulfo Vasqez my sacked lawyer Osvaldo Echaveria, and other mafia members all talking at once, making a fiasco of the hearing.
    Elvis asked me what he should do,
    I told him get rid of these mafiosi morons and bring in the real president.
    so Elvis then wrote a citation for the real president of the association to come in for interview.
    I delivered this Via, the aguacil at Isabella. but new president , Carlos Manuel Felix, refused to attend as ordered..
    Elvis then wrote an arrest warrant for him, which i delivered in person to the isabella police.

    you should remember the police at Isabella station, were involved in an illegal arrest attempt of me,!!!
    in january with out of uniform armed men coming to my lawful owned property which had its gate locked.
    With Dominguez and Winston Romaro, they used gun threats and violence against me , to try to illegally evict me, which the 4 of them failed to do. but they came back when i was off site to steal my camping equipment 2 tents, and tools and building equipment ,and smash up my two construction projects. with no paper at all but claiming they had permission from the court.
    One month later they did produce papers when requested by the court, my lawyer no 5 Luis Paez had them investigated in the land court ,or so he told me and found the papers Dominguez submitted were good,
    I recently had the land court investigate Dominguez papers for me,
    The investigator quickly found evidence the papers Dominguez submitted, had no valid reason to be used against me even though they were dated 2 years before mine, because they were clearly related to a completely diferant area of property, even if the photo copy was
    genuine, but she said is probably fake.
    so i do have evidence the Isabella police are illegally connected to Dominguez.

    so i gave the arrest warrant for , Carlos Manuel felix, to the police and the went of to arrest him , or so they said.
    But they soon returned to Isabella station to report. he had moved to Monty Christy, and were unable to catch him.
    The police were obviously lying to me. and i told them this. they just went away thinking this was the end of the matter,
    But i told them next day I would go to punta RUssia to investigate myself.
    I went with my interpreter, we soon found his house which he still lived in with his family,
    And he still attended the weekly association meetings as President. .
    I took photos of his house and videos' of him at the association meeting on saturday. which i showed to the police,
    they agreed to return to arrest him the next day on the sunday, but said i should go with them. and be at the station at 8 .30 AM. TOMORROW.
    I was there as agreed. at 8#30 am but was told the car had left allready.
    I followed on my motorbike trying to catch up..
    when i arrived in Punta russia i found Felix in the centre of the village in the public meeting house.
    we said hello ,shook hands and i Explained to him the police were coming to take him for a meeting with the fiscal.
    he said that was ok with him, but wanted the other association members with him for his own safety.
    anyway after a lot of lies and bull**** ,the police failed to show again.
    but eventually promised they would deal with the matter monday morning,
    I was ok with this as i had a meeting planned at 11 am in pp court, with Osvaldo. who had promised to appear and return the money, he was ordered to repay.
    He never showed up , and neither did Isabella police. all of them blatant Liers.

    I reported the developments to Elvis Garcia, he showed no interest whatsoever,
    saying he writes the arrest warrants,
    but it,s up to the police to enforce them, even if they need to go to monty cristy, to fetch the guy.

    So it seems the Isabella police are afraid to have there involvement with Dominguez confirmed in court.
    And the association is afraid to discuss collusion with Victor Sanchez in court.
    And Elvis Garcia is afraid to insist on the enforcement of his own arrest warrants.

    so who is really in authority in the courts the mafiosi gang headed by Franasil. with a few corrupt policemen. and a few corrupt judges,
    and a few corrupt lawyers ,and a few corrupt ministers.??????

    Or are these bad ones a small minority in a country of good people.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    surely the anti corruption department must have a solution to this problem.
    do i still own the property i have several, court judgements , confirming my ownership to.,
    and government documents confirming my right to construct a dwelling on the property.
    or have mafiosa overruled the courts desisions.??????????????????????????????????????????????//
    i need to know the answer to this question.!!!


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    Just where is Punta Rucia is your property? I have seen a lot of funny stuff up that way. I remembr Christa and her husband...



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    By harry on Mon 06 Aug 2012 6:32 am

    News Our Mission Lawsuits & Legal Services Property Guide Best of the DR Funny videos about Dominicans Links Contact us Forum

    Mega Cap Cana scandal involving Stewart Title and Green Village

    Cap Cana is in a Free Fall - Ritz Carlton, Trump and everybody else has left the sinking ship! Investors who expected to be protected by Stewart Title lost their money. Cap Cana has stopped paying the penalties stipulated in the contracts and all the small investors got ****ed for USD 134 million just in Green Village alone!! Welcome to Dominican Republic�.

    The reality is that Cap Cana is close to bankruptcy, a tremendous nightmare for all remaining property buyers incl the few who managed to receive a finished product. Only those wisely flipped their contracts during the Trump at Cap Cana hype escaped the free fall of Cap Cana. The rest are doomed to lose at least 45 - 80% of their investment. Today Green Village stands at a 100% lose and investors should move together in lawsuits against the management, the lies and Stewart Title. The way Stewart Title has handled Cap Cana deposits is a scandal never seen before and they must be held responsible to the last dime!

    Sadly enough consumer protection in the Dominican Republic is basically non-existent due to the dysfunctional legal system and corrupt government. President Leonel has personally promoted developments from drug dealers and fraudsters where investors lost money - He doesn�t care about anybody but himself....

    Cap Cana Dream Villas Left To Rot

    The jewel in the crown of real-estate in the Dominican Republic, Cap Cana, with expensive luxury villas, World Class golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus, and a marina for the jet set to moor their yachts; is not all it was hyped up to be, say disillusioned investors.

    Just a few years ago, when real-estate mogul, Donald Trump was selling multimillion dollars lots on his high-end Farallon Estates development in Cap Cana, many private investors were buying into the dream and investing in what appeared to be a sure-fire win, backed by famous names, large banks and a massive media blitz.

    For at least one and probably many more investors though, the promised dream has turned into a nightmare. Early in 2007, Alan Sutherland purchased a luxury bungalow villa in Green Village Residences, an up market development within the Cap Cana project. At US$ 800,000, the villa was not cheap, but the planned infrastructure, including the largest deep-water marina in the Caribbean, golf courses and various large private homes under construction promised a worthwhile investment opportunity.

    Alan paid for the villa in full upfront in return for a hefty 14% discount, and duly wired the funds to Stewart Title in the US on the understanding that the funds would be held in escrow and a draw against escrow be made as the villa was completed. It appeared he had nothing to lose, as the developer's contract also stipulated stiff financial penalties for the developer if the villa was not completed by the due date, October 2007.

    When October passed, and the villa was nowhere near completed, Alan was assured that although the developer was slightly behind schedule, everything would be completed soon and meanwhile he and the other buyers would be able to collect on the developer's late penalty fees.

    Months went by and progress on Alan's and other villas ground to a halt. He and other concerned investors badgered the developer for feedback on what was happening.

    The developer responded saying they were doing their best to move the Green Village project along and they were committed to paying all penalty dollars (late fees).

    But then with no warning, they canceled the owner�s credit program, and along with it all the late penalty dollars that had accrued. The penalty payment contract it seems would no longer be honored, as the developer was now too far behind!

    So Alan turned to Stewart Title who would have by now around 50% of his money still in escrow. After all, his villa and many others in the same project were only 50% completed, and the developer was clearly in breach of contract. Sadly, Alan says that Stewart Title told him that all monies in escrow relating the Green Village project had already been released to the Cap Cana developers and they assumed no responsibility for their actions as it was completed per the Purchase and Sales Agreement and Escrow Agreement.

    It is now 2012, more than 4 years after Alan's villa was supposed to have been completed. Alan's $800,000 is now well and truly gone, and in return he has a half-finished, deteriorating carcass of a villa which he cannot use. Alan says a recent site survey showed that well over 100 similar villas (price range 400k � 800k) were now just being left to rot in the sun and rain. The entire Green Village project is overgrown with vegetation resembling a jungle. He says just a select few of the villas have been completed, but there are no signs of occupancy, and no evidence of ongoing work.

    Cap Cana say they do intend to finish the villas, but won't give any indication when. They have offered to exchange the villa for an alternative undeveloped lot; which Alan says is worth a fraction of what he has paid for the villa.

    A casual glance at local realtors websites show that many are still marketing pre-construction villas in the same Green Village development, which now appear to have little chance of ever being completed.

    Alan says that more than 80 private investors are now asking Cap Cana management to either refund their money or finish their villas as they initially contracted to do. Whether that will ever happen is becoming less and less likely as each year passes by.

    Cap Cana has publically admitted they have financial problems and defaulted on a bridge loan. Investors though are wondering exactly what happened to the millions of dollars they collectively paid the Cap Cana developers.

    It seems that in the Dominican Republic, a written contract is as solid as a snowman under the heat of the Caribbean sun.

    Source: cap cana dream villas left to rot

    Conspiracy of Silence�..Trump, Wyndham, Ritz Carlton are long gone
    Yes, with no media coverage or communication from Cap Cana ownership, these 5 star blue chip names associated with the Cap Cana development are long gone. These name brands were instrumental in the marketing of Cap Cana and decision making by owners in purchasing properties.

    Wyndham was planned as the managing agent for the property rentals in Green Village. The Trump name was used to sell multimillion dollar lots on the Farallon. Ritz Carlton was supposed to build a first class hotel and casino on the beach near Secrets Sanctuary. Were these big players driven off by the economy (as Cap Cana management would like you to believe)? Or were they driven off by the mismanagements and misdealings of Cap Cana management and ownership?

    These corporations allowed their names to be used as selling points. How and if any consequences did they suffer by leaving? One thing that is true � the investments made by the property owners and bond holders continue to suffer. How much of the actual Cap Cana owners personal resources were used to fund the Cap Cana development, meanwhile they pocketed millions of dollars in profits, and allowed the development to disintegrate.

    Follow the Money! $134 Million Must Lead Somewhere
    Lets check my math � 80 Bunglows at $800K plus 160 villas at $440K equals $134 million dollars. YES, Capcana built two offices that they didn�t need. Partially built 240 villas (without finishing many), instatlled underground utilities throughout the Green Village, but shouldn�t there be lots of money left? I am told that the owners and the Founders remain very, very, very rich, and the owners received financing from the bond holders.

    Is the entire CapCana Development in a Free Fall?
    Capcana�s Green Village financial collapse may only be a symptom of the large scale failure of the Capcana development. During my visit there were only two restaurants and one swim suit shop open at the marina. The marina is a ghost town. There are numerous stores that remain boarded up, as a result of the start up businesses not making any money. A quick look at the beach club easily demonstrates the lack of maintenance, repainting, replacement, and cleaning necessary to maintain it as a first class facility. The second Jack Nicklaus golf course is going to seed, with no restart date in sight. The plans for first class hotel facilities and casinos also have no start dates. Construction on private residences has stopped leaving huge carcasses. When I played golf at Punta Espada they only had 38 golfers on that day.

    When the Cap Cana owners say they have no money for completion of the Green Village project, the real question is: Do they have any financial resources to complete anything in Cap Cana? If you are a bond holder would you trust the current Cap Cana ownership to keep their word based on their previous performance and their lack of management abilities?

    Source: Golf Capcana

    Dominican Watchdog Note | Adding Green Village, investors have now lost over USD 500 million on real estate in the Punta Cana area and prices will keep falling!! All unfinished luxury developments are in a free fall incl Roco Ki and Punta Perla. There are no buyers and no finance for this kind of developments in today�s market. Therefore no escape for investors of unfinished properties in Dominican Republic, they should never have trusted Stewart Title with their money!

    Dominican Watchdog will be happy to facilitate contact between angry Cap Cana investors in order for them to move forward as a united group. We did the same free of charge for investors in Punta Perla.

    Before buying property in the DR you should read these articles:

    Cap Cana vs Trump - Russian mafia money in Cap Cana - YES, We Are Broke !!

    Real estate boom or money laundering in Dominican Republic - You Lose! (Update 20)

    Punta Perla, one BIG scam? Prince Albert know nothing about Punta Perla! Who is financing Ricardo's lifestyle today?

    Realtor vanished with their money, Ilonka Castillo can't leave DR - Over USD 300 Million gone missing in Punta Cana!

    Doing business in the Dominican Republic, or NOT... ? - Don't invest in the DR, See Why!

    If you are looking for the best the world has to offer today, you should retire and invest here - Thank me later!

    The President is responsiable for the state of the DR! He has had 12 years in office to change the Dominican Republic, little has he achived besides heading one of the world's most corrupt governments. His attitude towards crime and corruption is the biggest problem in the Dominican Republic today - Enjoy this photo of him, Like they say, one photo tells more than a thousand words! Read about Leonel's scandals and drug connections

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    By harry on Mon 06 Aug 2012 9:12 am

    There is major speculation at the moment that Punta Rucia on the north coast of the Dominican Republic , is earmarked as the next Punta Cana ,with a major development planned for this tranquil fishing village. !
    When questioned by a reporter, a spokesman for the developer Kuki Silverio, of Puerto Plata was asked if this proposed development also had fake titles like Donald Trumps Punta Cana had?. Which caused all the problems there.
    His reply was, That's not really an important issue at this early stage of the game.!
    We are planning to have a very successful and very profitable operation hear in Punta Russia.
    with the sale of luxury homes and condominiums all with a fantastic view of the ocean!.
    The reporter replied. Donald trump sold thousands of luxury homes in Punta Cana. But most of them were never built.
    The investors who bought into that development were screwed out of 134 million dollars. and left with unbuilt or part built homes, that are now rotting and growing weeds in the empty spaces .and being forced to continue spending in the courts trying to sort out the fake titles.
    Kooki Silverios spokesman , who works with the Winston Romaro , Gregorio Dominguez , and Dominuez Brito, gang, then said the trouble with gringo reporters, is they have a diferant way of judging a successful operation,
    than the Dominican.
    Look at it this way, the people who sold the land used in the punta cana development made millions of dollars.
    The developers made millions in profit selling to the builders,
    The thousands of Dominican and Haition construction workers made thousands of pesos each.
    Thousands of Lawyers connected to the project have made thousands of dollars each ,in connection with this project, and will continue to do so for many years to come.
    So you see most of the people connected with the Punta Cana project, see it as a resounding success.
    OK so some of the smaller investors who bought into the scheme lost a few thousand dollars each, that's too bad.!.
    But we at Kuki Silverio construction are looking forward to a success at Punta Rucia!
    ------And you plan to continue with this development, even though you must know there are already many false title claims against your organization. ???
    Do you know how long it takes , in the courts???????? and how much it costs to get genuine titles????????
    WE dont have time to mess around with those issues at the beginning of a project, Its normal dominican constructor policy ,to leave that part of the project, to the purchaser of the new homes ,after we have sold the lot. and collected the deposits, .
    The new home owner expects on average to own, the new homes we plan to sell,
    for up to 20 years,
    that means they have plenty of time to sort out title issues after they have paid there money.!!
    So why should it come out of the builders profits???
    We have the support of the tourist ministry because we expect to bring in hundreds of foreign investors to the north coast.
    We have the support of the labour ministry because we are expecting to create hundreds of jobs for construction workers, in Punta Rucia.
    ---------------And do they own shares in the company FRANASIL, as is reported.
    who is behind the fake titles.?
    No Comment ,ime not answering anymore of your damned questions ,speak to our lawyers

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    CARLOS MANUEL FELIX. president of Punta Rusia land owners association, and resident of the small fishing village , continues to evade capture and arrest.
    The police from Isabella have been trying to capture this 50 year old man for many weeks. Even though he never moves more than 200 meters from the, home he shares with his wife and family , and the village centre.
    A warrant for his arrest was written, many weeks ago, by fiscal ELVIS GARCIA, of the Puerto Plata court.
    Carlos is wanted in connection, with the high profile case, known as MARLON BROWNE AGAINST THE MAFIOSA.
    . full accounts of this story are written in the forum pages of and DR 1, Government and legal pages.
    On each of the many arrest attempts using between 2 and 4 policemen from the isabella station, The police returned empty handed, looking very ashamed.
    The last attempt was made on monday of this week ,and the police were accompanied by MARLON BROWNE himself. to witness the event.
    Marlon arrived in punta russia at 9 am . after meeting the police at the isabella station. at 8. 30 am. they set off in convoy.
    marlon arrived at 9 and within 2 minutes found the wanted man.
    After Shaking hands it was explained to him , he was needed for questioning at puerto plata court, and the police would be arriving shortly.
    So my interpreter suggested he get shaved and changed ready for the trip..
    Then we went back along the road to look for the police, who still had not reached Punta Russia at 10 am.
    We found them at Esterio Honda. and reported we had found the fugitive, and we told him the police are coming today.
    so after a 30 minate wait they agreed to follow us back to Punta Rucia. for the main event of the day. we again set of in convoy.
    arriving at the mans house, where the mans son told the police, Carlos did not live there. we then set of for the centre of the village, 100 meters away. we saw the man waiting for us. he waved to us. but two minutes later, the police car came in site,.
    prompting the wanted man to run off through a neighbours yard , towards his own property.
    the police quickly gave chase . but lost him. my interpreter was then told we should return to the station and wait as there might be gun play .it could be dangerous hear.
    We went back to the station in isabella leaving the police to do their job.
    But they did not return to the station. we were then told , the police would phone us when the wanted man is caught.
    They never called , so he must still be at large,and we continued to wait.

    Carlos is wanted because it has been reported the land owners association along with, Mafioa members Victor Sanchez and Gregorio Dominguez, have been attempting to sell property belonging to me, with the help of fake papers manufactured by them selves.

    It should be noted that the Isabella police were themselves involved in illegal acts working out of uniform ,in january of this year, paid to accompany and protect the Dominguez gang during the theft of private property, and illegal demolition of buildings belonging to me.
    So this may explain why armed policemen are unable to catch one man from his own home.
    As the police at isabella are plainly either incompetent or not on the side of law and order.
    i decided to return to Puerto Plata to see the man who wrote the arrest warrant, Elvis Garcia, which i did yesterday after noon.
    Earlier in the day i spoke to the fiscal,LIC Mercedes Reys from the college of lawyers, to complain that Lawyer no 6, Osvaldo Echavarria Gutierrez. had failed ,on several occasions to repay the 10 000 pesos he was ordered to repay me. and promised to do so in pp court. after he stole my court documents against Dominguez and disappeared.
    It has recently been discovered Echavarria is related by marriage to Dominguez.
    Mercedes informed me she had no power to enforce the repayment of the 10 000 owed by Osvaldo. i should see the PP fiscal and arange for Osvaldo to brought to him. for the enforcement.
    But when i spoke to the pp fiscal Elvis Garcia about this matter he became very angry, saying he was tired of this whole business, and was not going to write any more citations. "I don't want to be involved in this matter any more.!""""
    I calmly told him, he was involved because its his job to deal with this matter. and i was tired of it as well. BUT ITS NOT FINISHED YET!
    Then i explained to him he wrote the arrest warrant for Carlos Manuel Felix, the president of the owners association. But the police have been unable to capture him.
    It was proving to difficult for the Isabella police,!!.
    I suggested using a different police force, for the arrest, perhaps one that had no illegal involvement with the Dominguez gang. might have more success.
    Or we could change the arrest warrant to the name of ANA BELKIS BETANCE who is the lawyer for the association, at Punta Rucia. She works at her mothers restaurant on the Ensenada beach every day. ime sure she would be easier to capture than the old man.
    And even the isabella police would find no excuse, not to capture her.
    By this time smoke was coming from Elvis Garcias ears!!!!

    YOU WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS MATTER YOURSELF!!!. he screamed across the crowded room.
    You must get yourself a lawyer to deal with this problem.!
    I answered him, ive already had 6 different lawyers working on this case all of them have lied and cheated me corrupting the law.,the last one Osvaldo Echaverria, disappeared with my court papers, and the money ive paid him. WITHOUT DOING ANY WORK ON THE CASE,
    The college of lawyers fiscal ,had a hearing of the case ordering Osvaldo to pay back the money and return the court documents , later they told me ,i must speak to the Puerto Plata fiscals and they would make and order for Osvaldo to pay me back the money he stole.

    Now you tell me you refuse to do your job, !!! what is the reason for that statement!!.
    and what is the use of me getting another lawyer, if the courts wont enforce there own laws. or there own arrest warrants.!!! or punish the criminals.?????
    WHY is the mafiosa being allowed to dictate the laws, do they pay your wages!!.????
    My money has clearly been stolen by osvaldo Echavarria , on instruction from the Dominguez gang to delay him and his corrupted police employees. being brought before a judge.!
    Lawyer number 5 Luis Paez told me he had the papers submitted by Dominguez investigated ,and they were all sound.!
    But recently i had them investigated my self and it was quickly proven my own land was in a completely different location than the papers submitted by Dominguez.!
    If lawyers are allowed to get away with this blatant corruption of truth and justice.
    what use is a fiscal or a judge!!! ,
    They should all be sacked ,and put in jail. not helped to hide from the crime,s. and given no punishment at all.!!

    not ignored and swept under the carpet, with the victim being told to get another lawyer, THAT DOSE NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM!!!
    AND if the fiscals and judges don't have the balls to face the truth they also should be sacked, and their jobs given to people with stronger resolve.!!


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    I commend your tenacity and wish you luck. It has been my observation that nearly everyone is corrupt already or available for bribing.

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    Hey mr bill

    I can imagine your frustration, you have my simpathy....try to look at it this way, all this is happening to you now because you have done it against somebody else in this life or in a previous life. Cause and effect its all about the karma,

    And it is manifesting for you at the moment. inner peace will help you deal with it in a positive way... try to release all negative thoughts from your state of mind ,this will be crucial since you will have to move on from this mess.

    Hopefully you wont be going through this suffering again.

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    Thanks for the opinion tao, an interesting thought,but that would also meen Jesus ,was a persicuter and chrucifier of people in his former life,rather than a man of perfect character being sent to an ungodly world, to teach others a better way.
    I myself experianced a volentary death, many years ago during my meditations and prayers to GOD. I volenteered to return to this world, to fight against corruption. as a servant of the living God, and bring the wrath and vengance of the God of israel, to those who refuse to change their ways, at the moment ime fighting with soft kid gloves on my hands, like a gental man. of God.
    BUT SOON I SHALL TAKE OF MY GLOVES.and draw the sword vengance to the enemies of my God.

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    Mr Bill, only one sentence...

    Get yourself a decent, good lawyer!!! And stop being stingy... a lawyer for 10,000 rds? What did you expect???

    I think the fiscal here is right.

    Good luck with your battle for your land, though...


    damn, that were 5 sentences...
    damn, I now realize, after your last post, you belong in the loony bin
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    Wow! And I thought I had problems.

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