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Thread: DR1 Social Chronicle/Party at Ronald's

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    Default DR1 Social Chronicle/Party at Ronald's

    I arrived in Santiago at 12:00 (one hour late); Hillbilly is there to pick me up. I had already met Hillbilly, so no surprise there. We go to his place where I am treated to a wonderful homemade Chinese meal, cooked by… Hillbilly himself! It was delicious. We have a hidden talent there.

    Two hours (and a full stomach) later Hillbilly, Mrs. Hillbilly and I hit the road on the way to Puerto Plata to pick up Sofy B&B. She is a lovely lady with a wonderful sense of humor; her place is what I call a “house with personality”. We go on our way to Ronald’s and while in the way we get acquainted with each other. We are very curious about the other guests.

    We arrived in Abreu and were received by Mrs. Ronald, our gracious hostess. Ronald turned out to be a nice, clean-cut young man. He has built a nice house with a big backyard in a bucolic town. We were treated to a 100% Dominican dinner, “Puerco en puya” and all. Although I don’t eat meat I could gather (by the guests frequent trips to the buffet table) that it must have been delicious. Sighs of content were heard all over.

    The surprise of the night came for me when meeting Dolores, DR1’s webmistress (?). I expected an old lady wearing spectacles, dressed in black and the austere face of a schoolmistress. Now, hold on to your seats, she is actually nice! Dolores turned out to be a young, attractive and very funny woman. Now, the bad thing is that I had to blow my cover, now she knows who Pib is and I would expect the Feds knocking at my door next time I break the guidelines.

    When the party is over and the designated driver is falling on the chair it was time to go back to Puerto Plata to Sofy’s B&B. I slept like a rock, when I got up there was that big mug of delicious coffee waiting for me in the terrace. I drank so much coffee that I was threatened to be charged by the cup. After the honeymooners (Mr. And Mrs. Hillbilly) finally managed out of bed we had a delicious… now, let me rephrase that, DELICIOUS breakfast. Please when at Sofy’s don’t miss the “Quick cheese omelette”, better yet, when at Puerto Plata don’t miss Sofy’s B&B.

    It was a nice get-together and I truly enjoyed the company of you guys. I hope it won’t be the last.

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    Default Re: DR1 Social Chronicle/Party at Ronald's

    I'm sorry we missed it. We had guests in the hotel and could not get away. Oh well, maybe next time.

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    Sofy's B&B

    Default Pib:: U sure missed on the 'puerco'!!!!

    but surely not on coffee... next time you come in as my guest,I will have to ensure that coffee is available by the ton!!! It was a great evening and I am sure glad I did not miss it. See you soon I hope, you, Mr. Hillbilly, Mrs. Hillbilly, Dolores! Ron, the whole family!!!!! and I hope that Ron will be able to buy a few school uniforms for the kids...

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    Default Re: DR1 Social Chronicle/Party at Ronald's

    Im sorry I could not make the party, but did get to meet Ronald earlier in the week and certainly agree he and his family are perfect hosts and wonderful people.
    I hope this will become an annual event as I will put it on next years calender for sure and look forward to meeting the rest of the DR1 folks.

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    Default the food! Ahhhh...the food! And the people..

    It was a very interesting and entertaining trip, to say the least. I am sorry that ECH,MD, Jack, Andy and Nicole did not make it, but it turned out to be a very enjoyable evening. The highway needs some work, before it is too late, although generally speaking it was fine....

    Adding to PIB's comments: The food was very "tipico", that is to say there were fried plantains (tostones) and "cachirulos" or boiled green bananas-something you cannot even imagine in the States or Europe. There were salads galore so PIB was able to stuff herself, let me tell you. There were also some interesting Dutch and German folks there and Ronnie was a most gracious host and his wife out did herself with a beautiful setting. The whole house and gardens were perfect and the climate was "heavenly"...A half moon gave us some light. A big bonfire provided the rest....

    The DR1 folks took along some nice wines, the HB cooler chest was full of President and Diet Coke on ice, there was rum Brugal (what else in that neck of the woods?)and lots of interesting conversation.

    It seems that Ronnie has a very intense and pressure packed job in the real world and get to take a few weeks off to de-compress---like Air Traffic Controller? And not a gray hair on his head.

    Mr. DR1 is a very old friend of ours and it was good to see him after too many years. They have three young boys that were very well behaved and so patient as only young boys can be.... It seems that PIB's extolling of our culinary treats will lead to a future visit to the Hilbilly cabin by the command center of DR1....

    If I had another few thousand kilobytes, I could finish this with some talk about Sofy's B&B. As it is, you should experience it for yourselves. It's a trip, that's for sure...

    Ronnie, we all had a great time!. Sofy, thank you for your wonderful hospitality. DR1, we hope to hear from you soon....

    HB, witha smile

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    Default Re: the food! Ahhhh...the food! And the people..

    you no !!! i live in dominicain repuplick 6years and i never eat platanos y habichuela!! if you live here whit no money you eat dominicain food but if your have a money never you eat platanos my friend!!!

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    Default Re: the food! Ahhhh...the food! And the people..

    WOW Lynn tell me what the heck is wrong wtih platanos. It just so happens that platanos are part Dominican staple. it has nothing to do with money many millionare in DR have platanos in their kitchen (maybe YOU don't like them) But do not make it about having money or not.

    By the way I am a Dominican who lives abroad (NY Staten Island)and I travel from Staten Island to Whashinton eights just to get PLATANOS Belive me when i tell you I have money to eat whatever i choose to eat but I and many other dominicand prefer platanos.

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    Default Re: the food! Ahhhh...the food! And the people..

    Was a memorable short weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Heyne were wonderfully warm and generous hosts. Mr. DR1 kept marveling about the plusses of globalization (Mrs. Heyne is from Abreu and like most Dominicans convinced her husband to invest in her home town).

    Was pleasantly surprised to meet Pib (and tell her in person what a talented writer she is). And to meet Sophy’s B&B (where will be staying next time have to do a short stint in Puerto Plata). Sophy has always come across in her posts of the message board as being a warm person, and so she is in person.

    And of course was looking forward to being with the Hillbilly’s, the DR1 contact in Santiago. Coincidentally both the Hillbilly’s were professors of my husband at the Santiago University, so it was a meeting of old and new friends.

    The next day we (party of five) were the guests of the Heyne’s at their own personal beach, reached crossing through the next door neighbor's cattlefield. Then we were off to Playa Grande, which was at its best that day with soft waves and turquoise-colored waters. We then took the off-beat road down to Tenares from Gaspar Hernandez getting home by 5 pm in time to make it to a Father’s Day gathering at my brother in law’s house, thanks to Hillbilly’s recommendation.

    Thanks to the Heyne’s for getting us together and yes, let’s do it again.

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    Default wow lynn!!

    holy crispy crap on a cracker! when i read your post i went like wow! is it true? you are so lucky gal, can i tell my friends i know you? when i grow up i wanna be like you. is it nice being so rich that you don’t need to eat platanos and beans? can i have your autograph?

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    Sofy's B&B

    Default PIB: WAY TO GO GIRL!!! I AGREE WITH U 100% *DC*

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