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Thread: Recipe for Helado de Mantecado

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    I'm buying an Ice Cream Maker & would love to get my hands on the recipe for Mantecado; the Dominican version of Vanilla not ice cream in general. Those of you who grew up on Helados Bon know what I'm talking about. It's a buttery-vanilla and not everyone sells it anymore. I'd ask Helados Bon directly but I'm sure they'd laugh at me. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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    Helado Bon, great ice cream. Ask a bunch of Dominican kids if they would like Helado, then tell them that if they are dressed and ready to go you will take them there. You watch how fast they get ready, will not make any trouble, and be delighted with the thought of getting ice cream. Just mention Helados Bon and watch their eyes light up. They will not leave a single drop in the cup or cone.

    A really great treat for the kids.


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