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Thread: Blackouts continue due to power shortage

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    Default Blackouts continue due to power shortage

    First thay say blackouts due to bills not paid by gov. Now they pay and still no ELE. I have seen a few diffrent lines of crap on the news about this. I would like to know who is telling the Dominican people it will be better by??? We have seen this in the past 2 years. At this point it looks like a coverup on the GOV and Ele co. Why even waist the time to post lies????
    I to have to live without when there and my son says on 8 hrs is a good day!!!!Come on people stop eating this line crap your GOV and ELE co is feeding you.
    Mr.Guzman can you help the people of your country?
    I only wish to see the Dominican people get the truth.

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    Default Re: Blackouts continue due to power shortage

    You are right, something is not right. There is plenty of generation available right now, however there are still blackouts...


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    Tony Castaneira

    Default Nothing New!

    When I first visited the DR in 1977 there were Balckouts as common as their are now. It continued thru the 80's and 90's and continue today. So what makes you think things are going to change anytime soon?

    Buy a generator and stop complaining!

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    Default Re: Plenty New...

    In 1977 there was not enough supply to meet demand. Now the supply is available and it is a lack of funds driving power outages. As collection improves, and the pains of a deregulated system are worked out, it will change.

    This type of change takes years to achieve in a developped nation, so expect a slow but steady change here!

    Baby steps

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    criss colon

    Default Re: Nothing New!

    Tony and I agree about "nothing!",except this! Electric power is a "political" issue in the DR. It,s not about "capacity",If that were the cause,why no power Sunday afternoon when shops,factories,gov. bldgs.,schools,and just about everything is shut down? One political party can blame the others,you can blame the "producers"(why anybody would want to invest here I,ll never know!)who get a parcial payment when they shut down,the tires burn,and the gov.blames the producers,and the tires burn!I have a 20 kilo Detroit Diesel generator,a 3.6 kilo inverter with 8 batteries, a water well,and a high fence,and the tires burn! and nobody cares,and the tires burn!!!!!!!!!Criss

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    Default Re: Nothing New!

    We had black outs about every other day in '68 - '69 in Santiago.
    and what about the plumbing? In 30 years you'd think they'd figure out they could increase the size of the plumbing pipes


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