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................, especially if Uber peak pricing hike is thrown into consideration. But competition is good, for everyone involved. Not so the rate hikes. We will see in a few months if it was a good move by Uber or not.
I don't think Uber had much choice. I have taken several short trip Uber rides and only billed 70 pesos. How long did they think they could hold onto their drivers at that low rate. A decent fair from SD Centro to the airport with any taxi company would be 1,000 pesos. I have on several occasions gotten that same ride with Uber for 600 pesos.

The increase may also cut down on the infrequent peak pricing as hopefully this new rate will encourage more drivers to sign up with Uber............. but like you say, let's wait a few months and see what happens.

Once again i am all for the rate increase and still prefer Uber over Apolo, High Class, or another other taxi company.