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Thread: North Coast Upgrade

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    Quote Originally Posted by oriole100 View Post
    Knowing how things go here. It seam people are dis. because the plan ahead. Better to be early then late. What do you do with guest that come with no room. Promote the North Coast.
    I have no idea what you are trying to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohmmmm View Post
    Another new large resort to be inaugurated for Playa Dorado in December...

    Santo Domingo.-President Danilo Medina on Mon. met in the National Palace with business leaders from Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata, to discuss the north coast’s leading tourism destination.

    Present in the meeting were Hoteles Hodelpa president Edmundo Aja and vice president José Hernández; developers Oscar Villanueva and Raúl Rizek and north region Tourism deputy minister Julio Almonte.

    The hoteliers and developers unveiled their project Emotions Hodelpa,at Playa Dorada, being built at a cost of US$50 million. The all-Inclusive 475-room resort to be inaugurated in December features several restaurants, swimming pools, bars, spa, event salon and all the amenities expected of a luxury resort.

    The hoteliers said they have an investment portfolio for the North Coast’s tourism sector, starting with the Emotions Hodelpa, to continue with other projects which they affirm will positively impact the destination.
    For the people who are wondering how many of the hotels in Playa Dorada are open:
    Open now:
    Gran Ventana
    Blue Bay
    Puerto Plata Village
    Casa Colonial
    Blue Jack Tar
    San Marino
    Riviera Azul
    Viva Van Heavens

    Opening in December:
    Emotions by Hodelpa
    VH Atmosphere

    Fun Royale
    Club on the Green

    12 of the 14 hotels will be open next month, what a difference with a couple of years ago, at one point there where only 4 open. Now almost all of them

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    Time to step back and be retrospective.....

    Read #582 above....
    then toggle back to the first 2-3 pages of the thread to get a bearing on where we were and are now.

    There's a rumble in the jungle.

    The omniscients here might need their glasses checked.....

    Pls point me to some bad news if you can....
    not opinions.... actual news of bad things....

    Personally, I see improvement....and still maintain that the North Coast is underdeveloped.

    Maybe not Baharona.... but underdeveloped

    This is how el Catey can get more traffic...
    more hotels between Cabarete and Nagua.

    The Minister of Tourism said as much at the Amanera groundbreaking-
    Cabrera & RSJ was a link in the north coast passageway

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    The original owners of Fun Royale are still considering reopening. People who bought membership in the resort have been accommodated in other resorts, POP Village, etc. At some point Playa Dorada is going to be maxed out resort wise. I’ve seen a big change in the infrastructure since I started wintering there in 2005. The big change has been the conversion of resort space into high end condos. Rivera Azul condo completion is ongoing. Some are available for short and long term rental with more to come on line later. The Brugal condo complex is going ahead with building number two. Number one sold out to DR customers and number two is heading the same way. Amazing when you realize the units in number one started at $250,000 and monthly fees were $500 a month. The units in number two also have a high price point. Rivera Azul prices are in the same range and many of their initial condo conversions have been purchased by DR families. 

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    The AI's which attract budgeted lower end travelers are not good for Cabarete. When that new lifestyles resort opens next month traffic will be impossible and tempers are going to soar. It will employ some locals but they will mostly stay on sight drinking themselves into oblivion. Where are all those big tacky limos that transport the time share suckers going to turn around. Grab a beer a Ariba and watch the fist fights

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