From the DR1 new report on Tuesday January 24th

"Addendums to Odebrecht works sometimes doubled the original costs

A report in El Dia explains that the final cost of most of the construction works carried out 2001-2014 by the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht were double the original cost estimates. The company and government officials are under investigation after a New York court revealed millions in bribes had been paid in the Dominican Republic for the company to secure contract work.

The list of cost overruns reported in El Dia is:
Pinalito Hydroelectric Dam. Original 2004 US$131.7M – final cost 2009 US$300M.
Palomino Hydroelectric Dam. Original 2006 US$225M – final cost 2012 US$400M.
Duarte I Corridor. 2009 US$163.9M – final cost 2012 US$204M.
Coral Highway and bridge over Chavón River: 2009 US$272.2M – final cost 2012 US$400M.
El Río-Jarabacoa road: 2010 US$71M, final cost 2012 US$100M.
Hermanas Mirabal Aqueduct: 2010 US$51.3M – final cost 2015 US$110.2M
Santiago bypass road: 2013 US$95M, final cost 2014 US$130M."

Now that changes payoff/benefit ratio quite a bit. The bribes don't surprise me. The fact that they are cold busted in front of the entire world and they seem to just be saying to everybody "talk to the hand" is amazing to me.