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Thread: New Online Residency Renewal Requiremet

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    Default New Online Residency Renewal Requiremet

    Looking through the link. I did not see any reference to those of us that have held residency since before 1995. When the new rules came out a couple of years or so ago, we were exempt for the renewal procedures. We fell under the old rules.

    Will we have to have the insurance and the police check etcetera, are we still exempt? also have heard that instead of going to Luperon for residency renewal, that is now at immigration. and the cedula renewal is now at Luperon?

    Everything I see on the site for renewal mentions either visa's, temporary resident cards etc. nothing for those of us that have none of these.

    Appreciate an answer from Guzman an Associates. or someone in the same situation, that has been through the process lately.

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    As an adjunct, I have been concerned too.
    Rather than mess with it, I'll be going for a passport.*
    No more residency renewal*

    Less application issues, not that much more money than a renewal*


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