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Thread: Condos and houses prices

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    My first visit to Punta Cana is in May this year. I owned prior on the north coast, a condo. I did lose money on that sale but i love the country and culture. I am 60 and want to reside full time in 5 years or so. I am looking at Palm Suites does anyone know about this complex. Thanks!
    Why oh why would you want to buy? Why would you want to be in the DR in the very hot Summer months during hurricane season? Rent at least the first year or two that you are in the DR and then decide. Additionally you will need to apply for residency. This process starts in your home country with documents submitted to the DR consulate. If you lost money on your first sale that should tell you something about the housing market. There are plenty of good rentals.

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    Some people like to have their own place. They can leave their car and things there, decorate / renovate how they please, have comfortable beds and furniture that they have chosen, be confident about the security situation and not have the bother of looking for rentals every time.

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