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Thread: Gringo Round Up in Sosua ?

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    His methodology? A guess I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by windeguy View Post
    Migracion should have those numbers if you know who to ask. I am going to guess that less than 10% of the visitors to the DR say more than 30 days.
    Based on AI turnover---by far the largest travel segment---you may be correct.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bienamor View Post
    As far as I remember the Border agent can set whatever time he wants when he files the I94 up to 6 month.
    For How Long Can I Stay in the U.S. with a Tourist Visa:

    People admitted to the United States on a B2 Tourist Visa are usually issued a 6-month stay. The maximum length of stay for visitor visa holders is 6 months. The immigration officer at the port of entry determines how long each visitor is allowed to stay in the country. Most visitors have their I-94 cards stamped with a 6-month stay, however the immigration officer has the right to issue a shorter stay on a case by case basis. Upon entry into the United States, the foreign visitor has the right to request an extension of stay.
    THat has been the experience of people I have known also. They are asked how long they ar planning on staying and even if they answer a couple of weeks they get 6 months.
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