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We just left Cadaques after living there for a year. The most important thing to know is that there was a change in the operator about four months ago. In November, more or less. That changed many things. The new operator has branded it WEARE hotels. Maybe you can find something about them on the internet.

But, what changed is that Cadaques used to be a kind of upscale, tranquil place. Not any more. The current operator lowed prices, now offers AI-type programs - dance lessons, buffet, and loud music at the beach, etc. And focuses on maximizing occupancy. Nothing wrong with this model from a business perspective, but very unpleasant for people that like a more calm and sophisticated experience.

The beach has rocks. Quite interesting though, they now pump sand up onto the beach every day from the sea. With marginal success. It washes away every night, exposing the rocks. But, if you stay up on the property with the chairs and palapas, this is not such a big deal. The pier that you see in the photos is there. It was destroyed in the hurricane last August but they rebuilt it. It is a big draw. Great place to watch sunsets.

And, yes of course it is where Anna C says. End of the road, last resort past Iberostar, Canoa, etc. Is located next to the national park. They fumigate daily with huge clouds of pesticide, which they told me is not harmful to humans as little children are playing in it. Lol.

One thing that is intolerable for us, since we have a choice, is the damn sand flies. Locally called je-jenes. Terrible big multiple bites that get bigger overnight. Take your bug spray. Mostly during dry season, they live in the sand. Not so bad in December and January. Terrible in August.

The screaming kids at water park are not such a big deal - the swimming pool is huge and you can get far away from it if you want.

The last four people I talked to before we left told me they chose it for the price. So, the new business model is a success in this respect.

AE, you can PM me if you have specific questions.
The sand flies weren't too bad on the beach, there were some very odd looking orange flying insects that looked like wasps all over, burrowing into the sand, but they never came near us.

It was quiet, only saw a handful of kids playing soccer on the beach, maybe three toddlers.

We went next door to the nature preserve, but didn't go into the caves. We were lucky with the weather, sunny every day, perfect temps, never even turned on the AC.

We'd go back in a heartbeat