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Thread: hurricane season 2017

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    5 days without a sign of Mike Fisher on the topic,
    that simply means all went as promised, a calm beautiful weekend and a nice start into the new week we had.
    none of the last Tropical Waves leaving Africa did hit into any Thunderstormy area, so nothing happened.
    and it looks like it wil stay that way for a while.
    the Maps show today one disturbance S of the Cabo Verde Islands, but nothing to spend time on.
    that Waves seems weak and the associated TS Activity is very limited, so any progress will be slow, IF any.
    it would be on the perfect positioning for a Big Pain in da Azz one, as it caught the W-WNW steering currents on the 10th"N,
    but no fueling powers means the perfect direction will not bring the pefect storm, no storm at all.
    the Eastern 80% of the Highway are fairly Dry and contain some-medium amounts of SAL(that Saharn Sand),
    so it would need a very strong Tropical Wave in a very moisture environment to start development anywhere out there.
    such strong wave is actually not in sight, the African Freeway over the Sahara E-W looks quiet.
    Windshear and hot Sea Surface Temps are now very fine for stormy development over most of the Highway,
    but the leak of presense of stronger Tropical Waves means there is nobody out there who could use such conditions.
    at this moment all looks fine for many days ahead,
    so lets plan the next weekend, it's just around the corner.


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    Always good to hear from you Fisher Man

    What would we do without our 'Fisher Fix' every now and then ???

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