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Thread: DR1 Daily News - Friday, 21 July 2017

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    Default DR1 Daily News - Friday, 21 July 2017

    Medina visits La Romana to inaugurate two schools
    New ambassadors for Spain, Peru, Nicaragua and Indonesia
    Duquesa landfill operates at turtle pace
    Chamber of Deputies approves new taxes on international long distance calls
    Learning how to export to NY’s National Supermarket Association
    Santiago Chamber of Commerce president on foreign migration
    Claro’s answer to disputed 4.5G service
    Blas Peralta expects to be released from jail by 2020
    Fatal university student exchange
    DR defeats Thailand 3-2 in World Grand Prix
    Speed Show Fest on Sunday, 23 July

    Medina visits La Romana to inaugurate two schools
    President Danilo Medina was in La Romana on 20 July 2017 for the inauguration of the Piedra Linda day care center. The Centro de Atención Integral para la Primera Infancia has capacity for 226 children from 2 to 5 years old. The new center benefits the George, Cristo Rey, Pica Piedra, Los Maestros and Piedra Linda barrios in La Romana. The day care center is located in Villa Hermosa.

    During his visit to La Romana, President Medina also inaugurated the Carmen María Pérez extended day school.

    New ambassadors for Spain, Peru, Nicaragua and Indonesia
    President Danilo Medina received diplomatic credentials for four ambassadors in a formal ceremony at the Presidential Palace on 20 July 2017. Medina was accompanied by Vice President Margarita Cedeño and Minister of Foreign Relations Miguel Vargas Maldonado. Also present was Deputy Minister of Foreign Relations Alejandra Liriano.

    The new ambassadors are Manuel Alejandro Abellán García for Spain; Augusto Freyre Layzequilla, for Perú; Yaosca Calderón Martín, for Nicaragua and Alfred Tanduck Palembangan for Indonesia.

    The new ambassador of Spain, Manuel Alejandro Abellán García since 2012 had been the general director of the department of Coordination of Common Policies and General Affairs of the European Union.

    Peru ambassador Augusto Freyre Layzequilla is a career diplomat.

    Ambassador Alfred Tanduck P alembangan is accredited to the governments of the Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica and Dominican Republic.

    Duquesa landfill operates at turtle pace
    The Ministry of Environment and city governments of Greater Santo Domingo have rejected the 10am to 4pm schedule of Lajun Corporation that operates the dump and ordered the dump be open from 8am or the dump would be intervened.

    The Ministry has backed that city governments revoke their contracts with Lajun and imposed a RD$16 million fine on the corporation. The corporation seeks to increase the average cost per ton from US$2 to US$9.

    Diario Libre reports that the company is allowing the entry of the garbage trucks at a “turtle pace.” While a report in El Dia says the landfill operations were on the normal schedule on 20 July 2017, Diario Libre reports sources saying that the dump opened at 10:30am and heavy machinery is not in operation causing major delays.

    Congress approves new taxes on international long distance calls
    The Chamber of Deputies passed the bill that taxes international long distance calls and SMS from abroad. The tax money will help fund the 911 Emergency Service in the Dominican Republic. The bill had already passed in the Senate.

    101 deputies voted in favor of the bill, with the PRM deputies all opposing the legislation. The bill moves on for the signature of President Danilo Medina. In addition, the bill creates a new telecom anti-fraud system. The telecoms have rejected both the new tax and the anti-fraud system.

    Learning how to export to NY’s National Supermarket Association
    30 large and medium-sized industries participated in a workshop with the National Supermarket Association of New York to explore opportunities for increased exports from the Dominican Republic. The event was organized by the Dominican Republic Association of Industries (AIRD). Executive vice president of AIRD, Circe Almánzar said that the alliances seek to take advantage of economies of scale, generate synergies, lower costs and improve logistics. The alliance seeks to increase access of products from local manufacturers, agribusinesses and farms to one of the largest markets in the world.

    Campos de Moya, president of AIRD, said the workshop was an opportunity for Dominican companies to understand the export challenges but also the opportunities in accessing the important supermarket chain of the US East Coast.

    Also participating were representatives of the Center for Export & Investment (CEI-RD), the Bilateral Business Division of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, and Osmar Benítez, executive president of the Dominican Agribusiness Board.

    William Rodríguez, a past president of NSA, speaking for the group said that there are opportunities for traditional farm products but also for organic products.

    Rodríguez spoke about how the supermarkets are surviving in New York. “It is not only about prices, but also creating experiences for consumers,” said Rodríguez.

    The representatives of NSA said that as a follow up on 30 August 2017 the NSA Trade Fair will be held in New York where participating companies will be able to meet and interact with 400 owners, and managers of NSA supermarkets. NSA groups independent supermarkets located on the East Coast of the US from Massachusetts to Florida. NSA sales were US$10 billion in 2016.

    Santiago Chamber of Commerce president on foreign migration
    The president of the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago, Marco Cabral said that the efforts to control immigration should not concentrate only on Haitians, but our immigration laws must be applied to all individuals of other nationalities who reside in the country. He urged the authorities take measures to halt illegal immigration, with the understanding that we must always respect human rights.

    “The issue of immigration is not exclusive of this country. All sovereign nations deal with migration, from the poorest to the most wealthy nations, have clear rules on migration. For example, if someone illegally enters the United States, that person is deported if arrested,” he stated.

    Cabral backed the migratory measures being taken by the Santiago city government. He said that the decisions taken by Mayor Abel Martínez seek to return order to the municipality and make Santiago more competitive, clean and livable. He pointed out the disorder of the makeshift markets set up by the Haitians on city streets that bring chaos to neighborhoods and that are illegal competition to the hundreds of formal business in the city that pay taxes.

    Claro’s answer to disputed 4.5G service
    Claro had announced the start of the 4.5G fast speed mobile service in the Dominican Republic. The service start, nevertheless, was promptly disputed by IT technician Hiddekel Morrison who said the company has only capacity to offer speeds of 390Mbps and not the 1,000 Mbps identified with 4.5G.

    The company responded accepting that at present (20 July 2017) they only have capacity offer speeds of 390Mbps.

    Says Claro:
    “In our 4.5 G network with a carrier (a frequency segment) of 20 MHz in DL and 20 MHz in UL we can get a maximum speed of 390 Mbps. When adding a second carrier (when available), the maximum speed would increase to 780 Mbps and if we add a third carrier would obtain a theoretical maximum speed greater than 1 Gbps,”

    El Dia reports that both the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel) and ProConsumidor, the consumer defense agency, would be investigating claims that Claro has incurred in false advertising regarding the start of the 4.5G technology for their customers.

    Another expert, Pavel de Camps said that in the Dominican Republic still the 4G service is deficient and degraded.

    Blas Peralta expects to be released from jail by 2020
    Convicted truckers’ association (Fenatrado) former president, Blas Peralta expects to be back with his family in 2020, after serving only four years of his 30-year sentence for murder.

    Recently he spoke to fellow inmates and told them: “I tell you one thing. I was sentenced to 30 years, but my life experience says, and being a professional of law, 30 and 60 are the same. First because in Appeals that will be annulled and when we go to Cassation it will be lowered to 15. And when we go to the Supreme Court of Justice, it will be lowered to 10. And I have faith that by 2020 I will be home with my family.”

    Peralta words were part of his testament of repentance for his sins, and included his conversion to evangelism in prison. He received a certificate upon accepting the new faith.

    “By repenting and converting to Jesus Christ, we have paid our passage to celestial life,” said Peralta who received applause from the public, his fellow inmates and the ministry officers. Peralta says he has been a man of the Lord since 1976. He said he is in jail because “I have cheated God and have disobeyed His teachings. And for not fulfilling the promise with the Lord, I am today here, but I am at peace and happier than ever to be here.” He said he had promised God to retire from the truckers’ union movement and politics at 50, but did not do so.

    The activity was organized by the evangelical ministry, Camara Internacional de Avivamiento. Peralta said that once he leaves the jail he would preach the word of the Lord.

    His speech is circulating in a YouTube video online.

    Fatal university student exchange
    PUCMM engineering student Roberto Eduardo Mata died in New York when on a student trip with fellow students from the Pontificia Universidad Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) and Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC). He was riding in a taxi van that crashed into a utility poll in Cortlandville, New York. Reports are that the taxi driver also died.

    Also seriously injured in the crash, Dominican university student Gianmary Cienfuegos reportedly woke up from the coma after suffering severe head injuries as a result of the crash. In addition, five other their classmates were injured: Víctor Méndez, Ernesto Gracia, Sabrina Schiavi, Laura Duverge, Gianmary Cienfuegos, Henry Fuentes and Ricardo Rosa.

    The students were returning to the Tompkins Cortland campus at around 2am.
    The Cortland County Sheriff's Office say the van, which was carrying eight passengers, was traveling west on Bennie Road when it left the road and struck a utility pole just before 3 am.

    The van's driver and one of the passengers were pronounced dead at the scene, authorities say, while the rest of the passengers were transported to a hospital.

    Of those transported to the hospital, officials note one was airlifted by helicopter and two were transported by ambulance to SUNY Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse. The four remaining passengers were taken to Cortland Regional Medical Center.

    The students were on an exchange program that also included students from the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) in an exchange (Global Connections program) with Tompkins Cortland Community College.

    High surf alert
    The national weather agency (Onamet) and the Center for Emergency Operations are alerting to high waves on the Caribbean coast. A green alert has been declared for small and medium-sized boats to postpone navigation on the Caribbean waters due to large swells. Onamet is forecasting that a tropical wave will bring heavy rain to the northeast, southeast and areas in the central mountain range. Nevertheless, the forecast is for summer high temperatures to continue, while rains are forecast for the weekend.

    DR defeats Thailand 3-2 in World Grand Prix
    The Dominican Republic defeated Thailand 3-2 (25-17, 21-25, 26-24, 21-25, 6-15) in an exciting game for Thai fans in Bangkok as the FIVB Senior Women’s Volleyball World Grand Prix continues. The Thai women’s volleyball team won the first and third games, but the Dominican team outlasted them winning the fourth and fifth games during the 21 July 2017 match.

    The Bangkok round decides whether the DR makes it into the top six teams that will play the finals of the tournament in China. The DR enters the Thailand round in 8th place behind the USA, Serbia, Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, China, and Japan.

    In a first round, the DR had defeated Thailand on 9 July 2017, 3-1 (22-25, 25–22, 22–25, 18–25. Now on their home court, the Thai team had sought revenge.

    The DR now plays Italy on 22 July and Turkey on 23 July.

    The DR is playing in Group 1, Pool H1 against Italy, Turkey, and Thailand in Bangkok.

    The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) rankings of the teams as of August 2016 are: Italy 8th, Dominican Republic 9th, Turkey 12th, and Thailand 14th.

    Speed Show Fest on Sunday, 23 July
    The San Isidro Air Base will be hosting the country’s first Speed Show Fest as of 10am on 23 July 2017, as reported in MetroRD. Alfredo Nin, one of the organizers, said that more than 150 vehicles will show off how fast they can accelerate on a straight half mile track (1,609 meters). The fastest vehicles will be given prizes. Top speeds are expected to exceed 300 km per hour.

    Among the participating car companies in the event are: Porche, Ferrari, Lamborgini, Lexus, Nissan Skyline, MClaren, Audi, Mercedes Benz in several sports versions, AMG, BMW in its Mpower brand, Maserati, Ford Mustang, Jeep SRT, among others.

    Coming for the event is the legendary Magnus Walker, one of the world’s most prolific Porsche collectors and something of an underground hero for anti-establishment tuning of vintage Porsche products.

    There will be Food Trucks serving snacks at the event.

    Tickets are for sale at La Sirena and Super Pola and online at

    DR women win Caribbean Table Tennis Championship
    The Dominican women’s table tennis team successfully defended their championship, winning the Caribbean Tournament that took place in Cuba. The Dominican women won a final deciding game 3-1 against Cuba.

    The 59th Caribbean Senior Table Tennis Championships took place at the Sports City Coliseum in La Havana, Cuba.
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