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Thread: DR1 Daily News - Thursday, 27 July 2017

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    Default DR1 Daily News - Thursday, 27 July 2017

    DR1 News' Friday updates to be compiled with Monday news
    President Medina bothered by priest’s requests in Santiago
    Mirador del Sur Park has new lighting and sidewalks
    Court rules there should be no 10% tip charge on take out
    Odebrecht-accused legislators get to keep their parliamentary immunity
    Air China interested in flying to the DR
    Predatory fishing practices threaten Samana
    Herrera industrialists voice their complaints
    AEIH president suggests rethinking the pillars of economic growth
    Faride Raful questions mega spending in advertising by Ministry of Education
    Former judge Castillo warns of lawsuit over extension of the PNRE
    The Race for Water to stopover in Santo Domingo
    Police says Eddy Peña murdered by former employee of his father
    DR defeats USA in men’s volleyball in Pan American Cup

    DR1 News' Friday updates to be compiled with Monday news
    DR1 Daily News will be compiling Friday breaking news in the Monday issues through August. The time will be used for advancements in improvements in the website. The news will not be published on Fridays starting 28 July and through the end of August. To our readers, go out and enjoy the summer vacation with the family. For breaking news on Fridays, check the DR1 Forums where news and commentaries can be posted 24/7.

    President Medina bothered by priest’s requests in Santiago
    After a priest called for government attention to urban chaos and slumization and impassable streets in Santiago, President Danilo Medina skipped protocol and spent half an hour highlighting achievements of his administration. The speaking out was unusual, as President Medina has spent most of his term not answering to criticism.

    In his listing of achievements, President Medina spoke of the importance the government has given to education, and of improvements in tourism and farming mentioning RD$72 billion to finance productive initiatives, and the completion of renovation of public hospitals by the end of this year. He spoke of how the Dominican economy has been the one to grow the most in the region and of the creating of 540,000 jobs in the past four years.

    Mirador del Sur Park has new lighting and sidewalks
    Mayor David Collado was at Mirador del Sur Park for the formal inauguration of renovations that have included better lighting, sidewalk reconstruction, ramps, bathrooms and gardening improvements. Collado said that 27,750 square meters of sidewalks were built. Security has been enhanced with better-equipped 50 municipal police agents in motorcycle and bicycle patrols. Gardening brigades will work on the constant upkeep of the park. The investment was reported at RD$49 million.

    The area’s northern side is known as Avenida de la Salud and is closed to vehicular traffic from Monday to Friday from 5am to 9am, and in the evening from 5pm to 10pm and all day on weekends and holidays. The avenue is popular with runners, and is used for walks and bicycle strolls.

    Collado thanked several private companies that contributed RD$15 million to install led lighting along the Avenida de la Salud from Av. Winston Churchill to Av. Luperón. These included Orange, Propagas, Gatorade, ARS Humano, Café Santo Domingo and United Capital.

    “We need a more human city, where we can enjoy its green areas, its sidewalks,” he said.

    Court rules there should be no 10% tip charge on take out
    The Superior Administrative Court, in charge of reviewing government decisions, determined that companies can charge 10% tip for delivery services, but not so for take out.

    The National Hotel & Tourism Association (Asonahores) had requested the opinion after the ProConsumidor consumer defense agency had banned companies from charging the 10% on delivery and take out orders. In order DE-01-17 dated 3 January 2017, Pro Consumidor had eliminated the 10% charge in the cases the client did not consume the goods in the business. Asonahores had explained that the 10% is distributed among all the staff that works in the service business.

    Odebrecht-accused legislators get to keep their parliamentary immunity
    The Senate rejected removing parliamentary immunity to senators Julio César Valentín (Santiago-PLD) and Tommy Alberto Galán (San Cristóbal-PLD) on 26 July 2017. Previously, the Chamber of Deputies had rejected removing parliamentary immunity to Alfredo Pacheco of the PRM. The three are accused by the Attorney General Office for having received bribes from the Brazilian company, Odebrecht for the approval of loans for the construction of public works in the Dominican Republic.

    The request for removal of parliamentary immunity had been made by the instruction judge of the case, Francisco Ortega. Parliamentary immunity establishes that the case against the legislators be heard by the Supreme Court of Justice. Likewise, the legislators cannot be sent to jail while the legislative sessions are underway.

    Air China interested in flying to the DR
    The commercial office of the People’s Republic of China in the Dominican Republic and Air China representatives met with the Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC) to look into the possibility of the state-owned Chinese airline beginning operations to the Dominican Republic.

    The IDAC reported on the visit of Fu Xinrong and Xiaomeng Tan, representing the Trade Office of the People’s Republic of China and Zang Xing, representing Air China. They met with deputy director general of IDAC, Santiago Rosa Martínez and legal director José Valdez. Zang Xing explained the visit would be followed up by a technical mission.

    In a press release, IDAC reported the Dominican government welcomes the interest of the airline. IDAC said that the Air China representatives expressed interest in expanding its operations in Latin America and most especially in the Caribbean. The airline, which already has offices in Cuba, is studying the Dominican market and the operational, technical and security requirements at our nation’s major airports.

    IDAC explained Air China received all applicable documents from the Dominican authorities, including the Civil Aviation Law. The visitors were encouraged to collaborate with other institutions such as the Ministry of Tourism, the Civil Aviation Board, the Airport Department and the Dominican-Chinese Chamber of Commerce to make the project more feasible. It was agreed that the director general of IDAC Alejandro Herrera would travel to Los Angeles, California in August 2017 for a business meeting and to continue the marketing study.

    Air China is a state-owned airline of China and is ranked third in number of passengers carried. The president of China Xi Jinping travels on this airline. In terms of passenger traffic, Air China's main hub in Beijing is the busiest airport in Asia and the second busiest in the world with over 86 million passengers handled annually. The Chinese domestic travel market is the fastest growing in the world.

    Predatory fishing practices threaten Samana
    Two important banks for fish reproduction in the Bay of Samana and the Bay of San Lorenzo are under a pitiless attack by unscrupulous fishermen who have settled in Los Haitises in tents with their families. These predators of the marine resources are using illegal fishing methods to trap both large and small fish and interrupting the reproductive cycle.

    The Ministry of Environment reports that extraordinary efforts are underway to end to these practices, but the invaders work during the night to evade surveillance by the authorities that are reportedly just two men with a shotgun.

    One method, called “the mixer”, has been called a terrible crime by Luis Lopez, who is the administrator for the eastern part of the Los Haitises National Park. He explained to reporters from Diario Libre that he is working day and night to put an end to these predatory practices and that equipment will be seized and the persons responsible for these practices will be arrested.

    An unfortunate side effect of this small invasion by fishermen and their families has been the arrival of domestic animals, including dogs, cats and chickens that are threatening the ecological balance of this very fragile system. The article also notices that local Haitians are fishing native species in the local rivers, something that is also leading to an ecological imbalance.

    Herrera industrialists voice their complaints
    More than 150 companies that operate in Herrera, in western Santo Domingo, announced yesterday that they are frustrated with the lack of action from both municipal and national authorities in the repair roads, street lighting and drainage systems and improve public safety.

    Antonio Taveras Guzman told reporters from the nation’s newspapers that the manufactures have tried to make authorities aware of the drainage problems as well as the problems represented by the potholes in all of the streets that together with a lack of street lighting presents a problem for public safety.

    Taveras said the poor condition of the streets makes the movement of raw materials or finished products difficult. He noted that they have held more than 10 meetings with municipal authorities including technicians and the mayor as well as the Minister of Public Works, with no positive results.

    Among his other points, Taveras Guzman complained that the difficult physical conditions of the area significantly reduce the ability of these local industries to compete.

    Taveras noted that several of the companies that belong to the Association of Herrera industries (AEIH) have lost their ISO certification because of the conditions surrounding their installations. To emphasize this point he noted that employees cannot work overtime into the night because of the lack of security caused by the inadequate street lighting.

    AEIH president suggests rethinking the pillars of economic growth
    The president of the Herrera Industrial Association (AEIH), Antonio Taveras Guzman says the reduction in money in circulation is an effort by the Central Bank to reduce pressure on the exchange rate due to the sudden increase of imports. He told reporters this cyclical behavior ratifies the urgency to rethink the pillars of growth upon which the economy is built “if we want to have a country and an economy that is sustainable over time.”

    He commented that a 9% reduction in the M1 (money in circulation) seems to be a response by monetary planners to the 8% increase in imports during the second quarter of this year. He said this specific monetary policy has slowed down the economy.

    The AEIH president supported his affirmation with the fact that collections on the ITBIS as of May 2017 have fallen by 11% against the budget estimates, also reflecting the slowing down of commerce in general.

    Taveras said that managing money in circulation is not sufficient to correct what is wrong with the economy and that a series of deep reforms that are pending must be implemented. He told the reporters the numbers of the Monthly Indicator of Economic Activity of the Central Bank also confirms that the expected growth in the Dominican economy has slowed down: the IMAE barely grew by 4.7% during the second quarter against the 6.1% in the first quarter.

    Central Bank governor Hector Valdez Albizu has said he will be proposing to the Monetary Board the authorization for the using of RD$15 billion of the legal reserves of banks for lending to productive sectors at a maximum interest rate of 8%. The short term financing would give priority to exporters, manufactures, commerce and farming.

    Faride Raful questions mega spending in advertising by Ministry of Education
    Deputy Faride Raful (PRM-National District) criticized the mega spending of the Ministry of Education in advertising. Raful is referring to the data in the “Quality of Spending by the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic Study” carried out by Educa that pinpoints exorbitant spending in advertising.

    The study revealed that the Ministry went from spending RD$67 million in advetising in 2013 to RD$411 million in 2014, a 500% variation. She said the Ministry of Education budget had been increased only 9.6%. She said that the present Minister of Education Andrés Navarro when appointed had promised to take into consideration the alerts as to quality of spending made by the Educa study. Raful is following up since little seems to be done on curtailing the propaganda.

    Former judge Castillo warns of lawsuit over extension of the PNRE
    Juan Miguel Castillo Pantaleon, a former instruction judge, told reporters he would be filing with the Superior Administrative Court (TSA) a case against the resolution issued on Tuesday, 25 July 2017 by the National Migration Council that extends the National Foreigner Status Legalization Plan (PNRE) for another year. The court is responsible with reviewing if the action taken by government bodies is lawful.

    Castillo also noted that a group of citizens would file suit against Minister of Interior and Police Carlos Amarante Baret for violations of the Immigration Law, the Constitution and the Penal Code.

    Castillo Pantaleon said that the extension of the deadline established by the law that created the PNRE violates the constitution and called for its annulment. He said the extension of the temporary residency permits under the PNRE by means of a simple administrative resolution issued by the National Migration Council is illegal and in violation of the Constitution.

    He noted that the General Law on Migration established that there only be one legalization period (not more than one) and that the process of regularization can only be processed for an individual or a family, but never as a group or as part of a collective action petition. He once again emphasized the fact that Decree 327-13 that established the PNRE also set forth an 18-month deadline that has come and gone. The Ministry of Interior and Police has issued three extensions of the deadline.

    Most of the foreigners applying under the PNRE are Haitians who have not been able to obtain essential documentation papers from the Haitian government.

    The Race for Water to stopover in Santo Domingo
    The Race for Water vessel is coming to Santo Domingo to promote solutions for ocean preservation. The Race for Water vessel conducts scientific studies to learn more about the preservation of the oceans, while promoting solutions to combat pollution in oceans worldwide. The ship is built with Swiss engineering that uses clean and renewable energy at all times both for propulsion as well as onboard living.

    On 24 August 2017, the members of the Race for Water Foundation will speak at a conference entitled “Think Innovation,” sponsored by the Embassy of Switzerland and the Dominican-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Tourism (CCTDS).

    The oceans are becoming the great garbage dump, receiving the equivalent of a full garbage truck per minute throughout the year and with plastic forming between 60 and 80% of maritime garbage. The August visit by the Race for Water vessel is part of a five-year expedition that includes 20 ports of call throughout the world.

    Marco Simioni, the president of the Race for Water Foundation, says their goal is to support the scientific community so that there can be a better understanding of the impact of plastic contamination on our oceans and to find adaptable solutions. Simioni would like to see policies put in place that increase the value of discarded plastics, which would encourage recycling and create a sort of circular economy that generates income and create jobs in communities that are negatively impacted by plastic waste.

    The ship set sail from France in April 2017, and docked in Bermuda before heading to the Dominican Republic.
    Follow the 5-year expedition at:

    Police says Eddy Peña murdered by former employee of his father
    The Police said that 34-year old Eddy Peña was murdered by a former employee of his father. Peña was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head on the road leading to the Balneario La Toma in San Cristóbal. He had been reported missing on Monday, 24 July 2017.

    Relatives of the victim had said that Peña was showing a Kia Sorento on the lot of his small car rental shop to individuals. Surveillance cameras from a nearby business captured images that suggested Peña was tied up and forced inside the Kia Sorento. The vehicle was found burned near the Rafey dump in Santiago.

    The Police say the main suspect is 31-year old Juan Carlos Zapata Mendoza, alias “Kiko”, a man who supposedly had difference’s with Peña’s father, who had accused him of two robberies leading to two arrest orders against him. Zapata had worked as watchman at a warehouse owned by Peña’s father.

    The Police are also on the trail of the alleged accomplices, Este Valentín Peña Gómez (alias Eduard), Juan Bautista Martínez Ciriaco (Lala) and a woman identified as “La Rubia.”

    Police said that Zapata Mendoza is accused of the murder of Eduardo Antonio Rodríguez Peralta and a Haitian identified as San San on 4 July in a banana farm in Valverde province. Zapata was in jail but had recently been released on bail.

    DR defeats USA in men’s volleyball in Pan American Cup
    The Dominican Republic men’s volleyball team defeated Team USA in the 12th Men’s Pan American Volleyball Cup on Tuesday, 26 July 2017. The tournament is taking place in Gatineau, Canada.

    The win was described as “surprising” and was in three sets (24-14, 24-12 and 24-19) in just over an hour. Players Elvis Contreras and Wilfrido Hernández led the winners’ production with 13 points each. Jake Langlois was the USA’s top scorer with seven points. Previously, Team DR had lost to Cuba in four sets in its first match in the tournament. The DR next plays Mexico on Thursday, 27 July and has a chance at making it to the quarterfinals on 28 July.

    Commenting on the game, Jonah Seif, captain of USA said: “I think the Dominicans were the aggressors today and we kind of played hesitant. We just weren’t executing the game plan we talked about before the match. …. I think we need to re-set and just focus on Cuba. If we dwell on this game, it will just hold us back. If we can just be more aggressive in serving and attacking and our setting today wasn’t that good, and our passers hung in there; but we’re a strong team when we play well…..”

    Orlando Samuel Blackwood, Dominican Republic’s head coach: “Today we played better. We had good serving, passing, hitting and defense. This team has not played a lot together, this is only their second match. Now we are focused on Mexico; we have to win that match.”
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