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We have rented a villa in the Cabrera area. It has no formal mailing address. Why would it

Any US credit card or US bank account requires an address on file and we will not have an address.

All our stuff will be paperless and we will not miss junk mail AT ALL.

Any suggestions as to what to do about an address for a credit card or a bank account in the US.

One thought I had was a PO Box in the US and give access to a family member. Most credit cards that have been established will allow you to switch your address to a P.O. Box.

William Webster?

Thanks for any help.
.Open a Mail / Parcel forwarding Account CPS, Aeropac, Mailbox, Vimenca etc. and use the miami address you get with the account. even if you would have an official address in the DR, the changes that any Letter from the bank will reach you are closed to zero.