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Thread: Service Dog SDQ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by irishpaddy View Post
    I have thought about registering my german shepherd as a service dog and bringing him with me...but I have never seen one on any of the flights I have taken with jetblue ....anybody have any info about this ?
    I believe all the airlines are required to allow service dogs if you have a letter from a doctor that the dog is a medical need.
    I do not think the airline can refuse. You could phone the airline and check.
    Shipping dogs in crates is a nightmare. There are temperature requirements on take off and landing. You will not know if you can fly until the time you get to the airport with your luggage and the crated dog. At that point the airline checks the temperatures and lets you know. You also have to allow extra time for the airline if you have a dog in a crate.
    American Airlines also has a list of what they call "short faced dogs" that they will not fly in crates.
    Houston to SDQ for a crated dog is $200. Service dogs fly free.
    I have flown dogs to and from the DR in crates and every time it was a pita.
    The service dog does have to be in your lap so if the dog is really big it could be a problem if the flight is full and you cannot find an empty seat for your pal.

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    I was advised my an airline employee ....never ever put your dog in the only way I would take him is if he is in the cabin...I have no problem paying for his seat .....105 lbs might be a bit much for my lap for 4 hours

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