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Thread: moving to las terranes

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    Default moving to las terranes

    My wife and are moving to Las terranes in July, a few questions please. How much does it cost for a good used quad cycle? and how much for insurance? What is best cell phone service?
    thank you

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    The quad will be more expensive than the USA. Expect to buy a beater for a couple of grand. I like Altice, but Claro is probably OK. If you are coming from the USA get a google fi phone. 20 cents a minute anywhere in the world and $10 a gigabyte. Does not roam in 170 countries. Downside is Dominicans have to call you long distance, but everyone uses whatsapp for calls anyways.

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    I live in Las Terrenas.
    I use Claro for my phone, generally I find better coverage and reliability than Altice. For a period I had both but have always used Claro for my personal line.
    Insurance on a Quad will be around 1100 pesos to 2500 per year depending on the age of the vehicle and cover you go for.

    Price of the quad, depends on what size engine you want. The size of engine is depend on where you are living and what you want to use it for. A larger engine if you want to cover any distance and/or live on la Loma. Smaller if its just in town and local. Prices, well there are always a couple available. I suggest trying one of the Las Terrenas Facebook groups.


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