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Thread: Wedding traditions in the DR

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    Default Wedding traditions in the DR

    I was reading in the clown bin about Latino weddings and thought it would be interesting to find out about some of the wedding traditions in the DR.

    Things like:

    1. Who pays for what?
    2. Do guests bring gifts or money?
    3. If you only invite a couple will they insist on bringing all their children.
    4.Do they R.V.S.P ?
    5. Does the bride have to pay for the bridesmaid's dresses ect.?
    6. If the invitation says : Dinner 6 PM what time will dinner start?
    I know every situation is different but generally what are some of the traditions?

    I'm thinking of all the things that Italians used to do and how much things have changed since I got married.

    Lets' keep this light. It's not meant to offend anyone.

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    I remember from my cousin-in-laws wedding that almost everyone in the village received an invitation to and with this invitation came a small gift, blown glass swans and other animals about 2 inches tall.

    It was a civil ceremony so it was a bit awkward as everyone had a table to sit at and while the actually ceremony was going on most people sat around talking not really paying much attention.

    I remember that her father supplied the booze and it had to be one of the better whiskey's so that he would not be embarrased in front of other guest.

    The bride had her dress made, but in a way that both her younger sisters could also wear it, I believe in the end almost cost about 10,000 pesos. As she does not come from money.

    Pictures were taken with everyone who attended, there was a bit of dancing at the end but not into the wee hours of the morning. It was held at a 'popular' place to have weddings and such held and so after that was paid for and the booze, there was little money left to be throwing a full out party.

    It was very nice. What I also wasn't acustomed to was it was in the evening and apparently many Dominican weddings take place at night.

    The bride and groom honeymooned in Bavarro for 3 days and then it was back to work and husband back to taxing in NYC.

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    Default Weddings DR style

    1. The bride’s family traditionally pays for the wedding although the groom’s family usually chips in as well. A big difference is that here you have Padrinos (Godparents) for the wedding instead of maid of honor and best man. The Godmother usually pays for wedding cake and sometimes a few other things and the Godfather pays for Liquor.

    2. The guests usually bring gifts unless otherwise instructed. Having wedding lists in stores is relatively new here and so is the giving of money.

    3. IF it is a formal wedding and the invitation specifies the number of people invited, the guests will respect that. In informal weddings, or if the invitation does not specify the number of guests invited per household, you will end up with not only children, but friends and extended family members of original couple invited.

    4. Yes, they R.V.S.P. If asked to do so in invitation.

    5. The tradition is that the bride does not pay for the bridesmaid dresses, but she may if she wants to.

    6. Whatever time stated for dinner, add an hour to that (We’re in the DR for God’s sake!!) lol. It is also customary for the ceremony to be a bit delayed, depending on whether it is held at the church or at home-hall. Home-Hall weddings tend to be delayed longer than Church ones.

    Here’s a curious superstition:
    If the bride’s veil or headpiece falls off at any time during ceremony or as she walks out of church, she is not a virgin.

    Note. Crazy glue really works!! lol

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    My 15th aniversary is comming up in 10 days. My neice got married last november. Things haven't changed much since then.

    1 The father of the bride paid for everything. He refused any assitance on my part. Ditto with my niece's.

    2. Bridal registries where available back in the 80's. Everybody sent a gift.

    3. Nobody brought children except the kids that where in the actual wedding party. Ringbearer ect.

    4. Everybody RSVP'd. To not would be very rude.

    5. The bride paid for the bridesmaids dress, shoes, accessories and for the Salon. I did pay for gifts for the best man and the ushers

    6. After the ceremony everybody hauled butt to the Country Club of Santo Domingo to arrive before the Bride and groom. After about 2 hours passed dinner was served. So pretty much everybody was there. Both ceremonies were at Church and started right on time. It pays to have connections with the papal Nuncio.


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