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Thread: Ferry service from Mayaguez to Punta Cana

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    Question Ferry service from Mayaguez to Punta Cana

    I am looking for a ferry boat service from Mayaguez to Punta Cana. Does anyone know if there is such service and, if so, where I can get more information about it?


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    Lightbulb Search search and search again

    This has been answered here ( by me in fact) in the last month or two so if you search here and you will find what you need. I found the info you need, BTW, by searching Google on the terms ferry, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

    WTH: here is a link:

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    There is no official direct ferry service from Mayaguez to Punta Cana. The unofficial service has illegals going in the other direction.

    The ferry service that ricktoronto posted does not list Santo Domingo (Colonial Zone) as its destination port, guess they just figure they can get away with listing "Dominican Republic" as the destination, the heck with providing complete information. Regards, PJT

    Try this link for more info. (in Spanish)
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