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Thread: Treatment of African Americans in the DR

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    Default Treatment of African Americans in the DR

    With all of the talk of racism in the DR on this board, does anyone know how African Americans on vacation in the DR are treated?

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    DR One

    Default Re: Treatment of African Americans in the DR

    The DR just hosted the II African, Caribbean and Pacific Summit. The visiting delegates, from heads of state to journalists, had ample praise for Dominican hospitality. For sure you also will be treated to Dominican hospitality.

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    Default Re: Treatment of African Americans in the DR

    My experience is that African-Americans are treated basically as just gringos.

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    Default Re: Treatment of African Americans in the DR

    what is a gringo? a white person or a North American or a person that does not speak spanish?

    I don't want to be treated like a gringo.

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    Default Re: Treatment of African Americans in the DR

    Gringo was a name given by the Mexicans during the Mexican-US War.

    Green GO!

    because US troops were wearing green uniform, well so I have being told.

    In the Dominican Republic, a Gringo is a person who's Nationality is Mainly U.S. American, but Canadians my be called Gringos too, white chicken are called Pollos Gringos (gringo hens), anyone with Blond Hair and green or blue eyes and pale skin is a gringo, including many white dominicans.

    This is not a derogative name, is just how Dominicans reffer to Americans or Canadians since Canadians and Americans often share the same customs and languaje.

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    Default Re: Treatment of African Americans in the DR

    I've been to the Dominican Republic 7 times (my next visit is on December 11th) and have always received the utmost respect from the Dominican people. Any prejudice I've received has been from other tourists, not from the local people. You're going to love the wonderful Dominican hospitality!!

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    Default think South Africa, and that is the DR

    If your experience in the US is typical, then the DR will offer no suprises. Latin American countries seem to have this comical fascination with white skin. The underclass is predominantly non-white while the newspapers, TV, professional and leadership positions are almost exclusively white. This is true, despite the fact that whites are overwhelmingly in the minority in this country. Remarkable.

    The typical Dominican almost looks like the typical African-American in the United States. If a Dominican was in Baltimore, or Detroit, or Houston, there would be no way you could tell they were from another country unless they started speaking.

    As a tourist, (regardless of skin color), you are a guest, and treated similarly. Quite simply, you are bringing dollars into the economy, an asset valued worldwide. Also, you are a US citizen, backed by the might and force of the US army. That is respected in the DR. For that reason, do not expect to be treated poorly here (however, do expect plenty of tourist-type scams to get your money).

    The country seems unspoiled by pollution, overdevelopment, or high crime (unlike Puerto Rico). There is an abundance of natural coastline, beaches, and palm trees. Expect lots of sun, cool ocean breezes, warm weather, and clear, star-filled nights. You will not be disappointed if you are looking for a vacation on this tropical island.

    However, from the perspective of the non-white US citizen, it becomes clear that the vast majority of Dominicans have little power, influence, or opportunity in their own country. It is reserved for a very small white minority. It is very disturbing if you spend any time considering it. It is as if you are in South Africa before Apartheid ended.

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    Default Re: Treatment of African Americans in the DR

    Dominicans have no prejudice what so ever toward any one carrying dollars.

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    Default Get your story straight about the word GRINGO

    L.s your version of how the word "gringo" came about, you may be right .But when you claim that it is used to discribe an American or a Canadian because they share a commom language. You are totally wrong. If you ever whatched a movie where a Mexican bandido called a guy a "gringo". I can assure you he didn,t mean it as a term of endearment. So any time you hear words such as (kike, kraut, spick,mick, nigger,jap, chink,wetback) they are deragotory term discribing ones nationality. Reason so call "gringos" overlook the comment its because they probably consider the "source".

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    Default Re: Get your story straight about the word GRINGO

    No I would disagree with you on this one. When the word first came about it was meant as an insult but did not have the affect they (Mexicans) had hoped for. Maybe in Mexico it still might have some of the insult still attached to it, but I have been told by many different sources (both US and Spanish) that for places like Dominican Republic and Panama. Gringo is mostly used for someone from North America, mostly US. I have seen many conversations were the word was used and not meant in a mean way just a matter of fact way. Maybe I have been mislead, but that is my understanding. Mexico might be different.


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