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    Some information from our travel agents:

    ********************************************** As far as the Occ. Flamenco bavaro is concerned, We oppened it on Nov. 1st 99 at a75% of its potenciality.

    However all the remeining services are being put into functioning every week and we espect to be 100% functining by teh 15th of December.

    Therefore, all Christmas will be totally functioning and thus by the time you are due to arrive in January everything will be in perfect shape.

    Guillermo GUERRA Sales Manager - Europa OCCIDENTAL HOTELES RD


    Jag har nu besökt Flamenco Bavaro. Hotellet är inte färdigbyggt och området runt hotellet är inte i ordningställt, det finns grävskopor och traktorer som jobbar för att allt skall bli klart. Hotellet kommer att bli fantastiskt fint och poolerna och vissa av hotellbyggnaderna är redan i bruk. Hotellet hade 300 liggande gäster när jag var där i torsdags. Restaurangerna är inte klara ännu men hotellets representant lovade att allt skall vara klart och öppet till mitten av december. Bufférestaurangen är dock i bruk och serverar olika buffér varje dag i 14 dagar. Poolområdet är läckert och stranden fantastisk, turkosblått vatten och vit sand. Enligt hotellets representant behöver du alltså inte oroa dig för att det skall vara några problem med hotellet när du kommer ner! Trevlig resa!

    Med vänlig hälsning Lena Axelson VingInternet

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    I am so glad to hear a report from the owners themselves. They are our best guideline. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Keep us updated please!! It truly is in your best interest to not have suprises when we arrive.

    It would also be great to hear from anyone who has -- or can take a look -- at the resort to see what it looks like from a tourist -- looking to relax! -- perspective.

    From the many chatlines it appears alot of us have booked or are considering booking this resort.

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    As I mentioned earlier we are going there for 2 weeks leaving Jan.8, flying out of Toronto. Anyone out there going the same time.

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    I am going there for 1 week on Jan 12

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    My husband and I were booked to go to this resort for Jan'00, but chickened out. We heard a couple of horror stories. Mainly about how promises keep changing as to when the resort will be finished. Someone mentioned in a review on that in their opinion it would be barely tolerable by jan/feb'00. We heard that only one restaurant was opened and there was still alot of construction, noise and debris around the grounds. However someone also told us that it was a beautiful spot, and well worth the money. So to each their own. We have transferred to Melia Tropical...I will be sure to stop in to Flamenco Bavaro for a tour, it its not too far away and report back.

    Happy Travels!


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