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Thread: Sad News, Can Someone confirm this story?

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    Default Sad News, Can Someone confirm this story?


    An online friend of mine who is from the DR (who I suspect tells me tall tales) told me a 4 year old girl and her babysitter were murdered sometime last week in the Dominican Republic during a house break-in.

    I couldn't find any trace of this story online, perhaps it only made local newspapers/spanish language.

    I'd be grateful if anyone could confirm this awful story please, plus a pointer to any relevant material.



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    Hello Winton, I lived 2 years in Dominican Republic, and I know for a fact that Dominican are specialist to make up the most tragic story. Once, a friend of mine tell me that a customer of mine got drunk and was on a balcony felt down two stairs and break his skull. I was so sad for a week, without telephone or any communiocation over there your almost like indian with smoke. And one week after, who appear at the hotel where i was working, my customer full of health. He told me that he never felt down of the balcony but only when he was walking and the only thing that he had, the next day was a headacke from the alcohol that he been drinking. Don't take me wrong, I love dominican poeples, but for them bulding story like that is a sport, the bigger and the more sensationnal they are, the biggest sensation they have!!But in another hands, that can be posible,when they rob you over there they do it when you're asleep, and you better stay asleep, because they kill you if you move!!

    Ciao CÚline


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