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Althougt many give Santo Domingo a good reviews I have to say it worries me about the comments about the ADN City Govt. not doing enoguth to clean the streets, the Dominican Rep. has to do something serious about garbage and litterage in the sidewalks, this is very embarrazing to read visitors complaining about the way people throw garbage in the streets and how careless is the Mayor Ventura in solving this situation. I myself have had heated disscusions with people polluting and thowing plastic cups and news papers in the the floor.

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George Rady , from New York City, Sep 1, 1999


Santo Domingo

Watch for the Tourist Traps, unless of course you are into paying $100 for watered down entertainment and food.... I,

however, thought Santo Domingo a great place, given that I love traveling cheap. Stayed at Hostel Nader in the Old City,

great at $40 per nite. Ate in and around the Old City, filling if not tasty. Great Sites is you are into Colonial Spanish

Architecture. And, in the evening, if you dance the Merengue, great nitelife. Just avoid the "gringo" niteclubs are they

are watered down, expensive and, quite honestly, dull. A day trip to Los Tres Ojos is recommended and I also enjoyed

the walk down to the Mercado. Not as poor as, say, the Philippines, but the poverty and dirt will be disconcerting for

those with 1st World standards for infrastructure. While friendly, watch for scams... some resentment and comments if

you look German... which I'm not, but got the comments anyway.

Estrella , from Kansas, Aug 27, 1999


Other places

I was in Santo Domingo for three days and was in the providence San Jaun for 7 weeks. I lived in the rural area and not

in a resort. I enjoyed my stay and loved meeting the peolpe in the village i was staying at. I did it last summer in '98

after graduating from high school.

micah , from Oklahoma, Aug 25, 1999


Want an adventure? D.R. on the cheao.

If you're on a budget, try the Dominican Republic the way the natives do. It is best experienced riding around in the little

carros publicos and the guaguas. Stay AWAY from those big tourist traps. They rake in the big bucks and don't pay

crap to their employees.

David , from Little Ferry, Aug 15, 1999


Dominican Republic is Great!

If you stay around the capital(Santo Domingo) it may seem a little dirty but the rest of the island is clean and freindly.

The food is fantastic. The beaches are some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Puert Plata, Samana and

Sosua are some of the most beautiful places I have experienced. People are very nice but you need to be careful

because street vendors will try to charge more if they nknow you are a tourist.

John S. Johns , from New Smyrna Beach, Florida, Aug 14, 1999


Santo Domingo hardly worth the visit!

Hotels are expensive and poorly run. Food is awful in and around the major hotels. Major pollution in Santo Domingo

from constant vehicle traffic and traffic jams. Trash all over the streets gives the apprearance of a government that

doesn't care.