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Thread: Duty or tariff on imported products

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    Nancy Wight

    Default Duty or tariff on imported products

    Although my business group has a few ideas for businesses within the DR, it appears that manufacturing of our desired products may be out of the question initially, therefore, forming a distribution in the DR makes more sense at this time.

    If said products are made in the USA and shipped to Puerto Plata, DR how do I calculate the amount of duty or tariff will I be charged. And, how much will it cost me to hire a customs agent.

    Thank you for your assistance.

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    If you tell me what the products are and their Tariff Code I can tell you the tariff it will pay---I have the Dominican present and future (it will change shortly) Tariff Schedule, but it contains over 8,000 products; so I need you to be more specific. Please provide me with product name and Tariff Code (Harmonized System Nomenclature, if possible).

    And if you give me more details on the specific type of services you will require, I can refer you to some custom agents and have them send you some quotes for their services. Will you also need insurance, transportation, warehousing, distribution and any other services?

    If you want to keep the rest of this communication confidential send me an email directly at

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    Are you talking Neoprene (polychloroprene rubber, an oil resistant synthetic rubber also known as polymerized chlorobutadiene or neoprene, currently classifiable under the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS) as items 4002.42.00, 4002.49.00, 4003.00.00).

    If so, it actually pays a tariff of 15%. However if the Tariff Reform Bill being discussed presently in the DR Congress is approved (probably next week) it will only pay 3% or 8%, depending on certain specifications.

    If it is to be sold to a firm located in one of our 40+ Industrial freezones, for example a footwear manufacturer, it will pay 0%, no duty at all, but it has to go directly from the port to the freezone park.


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