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    ted zorn

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    I will visit the DR in the end of January.
    I'm looking for people or companies dealing with solar energy.
    I'm specialised in lowcost solar water heaters and would like to get in contact with people or companies interested in these things.
    Does the government promote solar energy in any way ?.

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    james stewart

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    I have a solar energy company here [13 years] I do solar electrity I sell SOLAREX solar panels and many related solar products. Send me any questions to my e-mail I can tell you anything you want to know about solar in the DR. As far as any help from the goverment sorry none. Solar energy here is more expensive than the rest of the world.

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    Two questions re power shortages:
    Does the Dominican Republic have sufficient wind patterns to support wind energy via wind turbines ?
    Are any new power plants scheduled to be built in the near term ?

    thank you

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    I understand that USAID has financed research on eolic energy sourcing around six years ago, and that it seems more feasible in the eastern side of the barahona peninsula and the north side of the samana peninsula. Try to get in touch with them.

    About the new plants, the answers is yes. But yous should contact the Corporacion Dominicana de Electricidad for more precise details.

    Or maybe one of this forum's participants could provide that information.

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    james stewart

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    More than sufficent wind. [Thatis the problem]. In the past ten years their have been numerous attempts to install wind machines. In early 1950 INDRI [Dominican water Co.] Installed the old 1930 model wind machines to pump water. Some of them still survive in the lower protected areas [Hills and trees] About 7 years ago they had a demonstration of wind machines by several european and American companies. They installed approx. 12 ranging in diffrent configurations [To produce DC voltage] They lasted about 5 months.The bits and pieces and parts of the towers are still laying on the ground. They never eaven tried to fix them just walked away. Since then I know of no successful attempts to develop this technology here. The last to try was USAID putting up 300 watt units they gave up the project. You could contact them to see what went wrong. The problem is wind shear from two directions at once kills them. None seem to have quick enough shut down systems or sturdy enough towers. As for electrical plants many are in the planing stage including a ITABO generation plant. Need more info contact me directly at


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