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    Scott Budnick

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    I have a few questions regarding the status of telecommunications, particularly the existence of "NAPs," "token rings," "underwater cabling," and the relative status of such in the nation. Are there any projects in the works? Who is underwriting the the process? Where can I find more information?

    Thank you.

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    try contacting:

    Instituto Dominicano de las Telecomunicaciones
    Abraham Lincoln, No. 962
    Edificio Osiris 1era. Planta
    Santo Domingo, R. D.
    Tel. (809) 732 - 5555
    Fax (809) 732 - 3904

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    ted zorn

    Default plastic plumbing

    For a (solar) water heating project in the DR I will need plastic plumbing materials. I"m especially looking for pipes made of PP (or PE) with an outer size of 25 mm. Are these materials common in the DR ? In Europe these materials are not only used for plumbing but also in agriculture.


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