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Thread: USA health insurance in DR

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    Charles P. Lamb

    Default USA health insurance in DR

    The spate of recent postings on health care has prompted a question. Is health care readily available in the DR to visiting USA residents? I remember reading about a case a few years ago where a visiting german, after been injured in an auto accident, was hustled to several different hospitals before finding one which would treat him. It seems the hospitals were concerned the german government health insurance would not promptly pay for services in the DR.


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    I was in need of medical attention when living in the DR. You will need to be able to pay in cash before you are allowed to leave the clinic. I was able to use my credit card, about RD$30,000. My insurance in the US reimbursed me without any problem. You can have quality dental work here at lower costs than in the US if you don't have insurance.


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