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Thread: Recession of 2008 and impact on the DR

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    And now back to the original topic:

    The DR economy!
    One Dominican at a time please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PICHARDO View Post
    Smart guns:

    The DR gov has already signed a deal with a smart gun maker to produce a DR exclusive model. The gun will be in two calibers only. The price will be around US$3,500 per gun issued. The buyers will not own the gun outright, but a renewable contract. Which will be on a year to year renewal only term. Also which will require a gun holder/carrier insurance. Just having the gun itself won't be enough, as having a policy that will cover any claims for loses or damage cause for its improper or criminal use will be mandatory. The guns will incorporate a growing tracking device which activates once the gun is fired and will keep going with a heart beat signal until its next inspection by the Police. This will enable instant live reporting of a discharged firearm and its location as well.

    We are in the process of reducing the number of regular firearms in the country, prior to the new gun Laws taking effect as well the replacement of all guns with the smart guns under licenses today. The old forearms will be auctioned and the balances applied to the new smart guns of their owners(licensed operators).

    While I find this to be comical. I do have a few questions. If all the legal guns are to be smart guns, then who is the government going to auction the non-smart guns to? Criminals?

    Are all of the shotguns also going to be smart guns?

    Cashless society: 

    Just the CB of the DR reports over RD$70 billion in daily transactions via electronic means. The rest of the banks are now at over 60% on these. The trend is increasing each quarter compared to the last.
    As the entire gov payment system moves online and via electronic means alone, this trend will continue to increase. The next phase will require all employers to move to the electronic payroll system.

    It takes time but we are getting there faster than we planned.

    I had thought all of the above was already done. I am referring to the local colmados and moto conchos not taking cash.


    I know you don't follow jack s$it of anything of this, but to date, thousands of laptops have been distributed to students at the national level. You can find and count them yourself via the portal of the presidency.

    You are correct, I have never heard of any child, neither Jack no Jill, in my area getting a laptop from the government.


    All around you'

    Sugar and spices:


    Going sour on us??

    You can't see what you don't want to see...
    For the rest it's self evident!
    This is the land that spice forgot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by windeguy View Post
    Smart guns and cashless society, laptops and rainbows, sugar and (lack of) spice. Manana. I live on the north coast, I don't expect much and I have yet to be disappointed.
    I don't expect much out of life either.I started out 70 years ago with nothing and still have most of it left.
    I always ask the motoconcho guy if he accepts debit cards yet, and remind him that Pichardo says it is coming soon, very soon.
    Der Fish

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    Derf! I got nuttin but respect for you. I'm 53.  I pray to god I get to 70 and got your pizzazz. I also hope when I'm 85 I know whoever is the Ariana grande of 2030.

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