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Thread: Help, please! Health/travel insurance from UK for non-UK residents???

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    Question Help, please! Health/travel insurance from UK for non-UK residents???

    I'm looking online for travel insurance because I wanted to get one for, let's say 3 months from UK. But the longer I read through it, the more problems I see for non-UK residents.
    Has any of you been in a similar situation? If so, which provider have you used?

    Many thanks for any response.

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    Yes, did this for our first year here 16 years ago. The only 'problem' was needing to attach it to a UK address. This is overcomeable. In my case I still owned a home in UK so clearly that was my address. There are also other solutions. Claimed on the policy for medical treatment following an accident we had here; we paid the bills here, submitted paperwork to insurer & were reimbursed by cheque to the UK address.

    These small administrative matters are not 'problems' kurdela, they are challenges designed to see how far you can think outside the box in order to overcome them. A skill very much needed by expats so it's all good training!

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