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    Does anyone know a place where mopeds are accesible for renting in Puerto Plata. I know the traffic is crazy down there but what the heck. Thanks for your help! Karen

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    Sorry about my bad english (the first) O.k. I dont know whats going on in Puerto Plata, but av wew Kilometers in Estern Direktion you will find a good Store to rent motorbikes. It's in Sosua "LUKE" it's called. Or in Cabarete (the same Direction) left Site when you come thrue the Mainstreet.

    Nice Holiday


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    Seeing the way they drive in Puerto Plata, wouldn't recommend it. I didn't see a single tourist riding mopeds in Puerto Plata.

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    I won't even rent a car down there. Extremely dangerous because Dominicans don't have to have a licsence to drive, just a vehicle. My friend has a scooter and I ride with him. I'm a nervous wreck the whole time. Cars, etc. pass on both sides of you . No stop signs or red lights. When you do see a stop sign , no-one obeys it , they just honk their horn and keep on going. I saw a 2 lane road turn into a 5 lane road because everyone was trying to pass a construction point .

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    Good for you. I rented a moped from a place right in front of Playa Naco resort. You have to drive very carefully, but what a blast we had. We rent them every time we go to the DR. There is no better way to experience the island. If you are going from Pureto Plata. I nice drive is the one to Sousa. The beach is nice, great snorkeling. Playa Grande is great to, but is a really long drive.


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