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    I will be staying at the Playa Naco this February. Can anyone tell me anything about the place. We would also like to take a jeep tour. Any recommondations on which tour to take? Any other things that are a must do? Thanks

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    We just returned from Puerto Plata this week after a week stay at Riu Merengue. Because of maintance problems our plane was delayed a whole day so Transglobal put us up for a night at Playa Naco. Except for that one night our trip was wonderful. Maybe we were spoiled from staying at a first class resort, but Playa Naco was a major drop in quality and service from Riu Merengue. Our room smelled of mildew, the air conditioner was noisy and blew in our faces all night causing me to wake with a sore throat. The bath tub was plastic and gross. There were about 30 of us from our tour staying there and all had simular experiences.

    It does have a nice pool with a swim up bar and a waterfalls. The other guests there seemed to be having a good time and it seemed to have a younger crowd than was at Riu Merengue.

    I looked in my brochure and saw that it is rated as a four star. I think they are being very generous. Riu Merengue is a five star and you'll wouldn't believe the difference.

    Playa Naco is right in the middle of the Playa Dorada complex, which is a hotel zone of a dozen or more hotels. If you want to be right where all the action is then that might be the place for you.

    Riu Merengue is about 5 miles east of Puerto Plata and is pretty much by itself with a nice private beach.

    Oh you mentioned the jeep tour, we didn't do the jeep tour but heard it is alot of fun. I would recommend the catamaran trip too.

    Hope this helps and hope I didn't discourage you too much. Like I say we might have been spoiled from staying at such nice place the week before. Also we were tired from spending all day at the airport and then having to get our luggage and go back to town.

    Let me know how how your trip went.



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