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Name: Bo (DR1)  Handicap: 12  Review Date: November 28th 2006  Tee Time: 11:00
Driving is very tight on this course. If your driver is off leave it in the bag. Fairways are surrounded by a 1st cut of rough from which the ball is easily played. If the ball goes beyond the 1st cut of rough there's only very dense vegetation left and finding a ball there is almost impossible. Forget playing it from there should you find it. Many fairways have red stakes along them, take advantage of that instead. A few have Out-of-bounds.

During the round we saw only two other groups. Go early on week days and you may have the whole place to yourself.

Practicing facilities are so-so. The driving range looks like a cow pasture and you hit off mats. The pitching/chipping green is located next to the parking lot and the putting green all the way on the other side of the club house.
Course layout:
A Jack Corrie design. The front 9 are the longest half with more space and less dense vegetation. The back 9 are shorter but narrower.

The course has good variation in style of holes. Short par 5's to begin and end the round could give you the start and finish you like. The change in elevation and narrow fairways make you think twice before hitting a shot.
Bermuda grass all over. Some different types of broad leaf grass (weed) can be found in spots on fairways, rough and around greens. Greens are in good shape, fairways too while tees need to be worked on. The cut grass was still lying around on some fairways; there is manual labor instead of pick-up baskets on the mower (go figure).

Sand in bunkers varied in density throughout the course.
Carts are worn, some of them to the point of no return.
Nice staff in pro shop, reception and caddy shack. They may not be students of the golf academy but most have been there for a long time and know their way around. Pro-shop not very well stocked.
Clean bathrooms. Decent shower and change facilities.
As a member I pay 600 pesos for a round including the cart, app. 80% of that being cart fee. Walking the course is allowed before 8 in the morning and after 4 in the afternoon. 100 pesos for a bucket of range balls. Caddie tip what you think fair.
19th hole:
Shabby cafeteria style "restaurant". Most of the items on the menu are not available but the sandwiches are decent. Some selection in snacks but you can get a full Dominican meal as they cook for the entire staff. Prices are reasonable. Pick your seat carefully, the ceiling drips the occasional condensed water from the A/C.
Value for money rating:
It's a challenging course and if you can see past the run down carts, the somewhat messed up tee boxes and the cut grass left on the fairways you'll get a great test of your golf game. Don't expect fine dining or trained waiters, this is just golf and if you go on weekdays before noon you won't be disturbed. I think Guavaberry is cheaper for FEDO-golfers and that takes points off as Guavaberry is a much better kept course. However Las Lagunas is not meant as a tourist golf course.
Hole Descriptions & Photos:
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1st hole, par 5, 442 yds:
Dog-leg right. Your first drive is tested by trees along the right side and bunkers left and long if you go through the dog-leg. A good drive will give you a chance to reach the green in two as it is downhill from the landing area to a two-tiered green with bunkers left and right.
2nd hole, par 3, 156 yds:
Bunkers short left of the green and on the right guards this green that's sloping from back to front. Ankle deep grass in front and bushes behind demands good accuracy.
3rd hole, par 4, 415 yds:
Bunker to the left and a sloping left bank with numerous trees paired with a fairway that gets narrower makes this a tough driving hole. The large green with severe slopes is protected by a deep bunker front left and on the right side.
4th hole, par 4, 338 yds:
Slight dog-leg left. It goes uphill from the beginning of the fairway but most will still be able to carry the first part of the fairway. Bunkers left and right come into play for longer hitters. From the fairway it's uphill to the green guarded by a deep bunker front left. It's a blind shot but you should be able to see the top of the flagstick.
5th hole, par 3, 157 yds:
Downhill to a green protected by bunkers front left and front right. The left one being the deeper. A slice may catch the tower carrying power cables or the bushes around it but there's a free drop should this happen.
6th hole, par 4, 419 yds:
A blind driving hole uphill over a small area with water and vegetation. Aim for the middle of the fairway as trees on the left and a steep hill on the right will come into play if you don't. From the middle of the fairway it's uphill to the green that's protected by a bunker on the left. Players needing three shots to get to the green should make sure to avoid the big mango tree on the right.
7th hole, par 4, 375 yds:
Slight dog-leg right and another blind driving hole. Straight hitters should aim to go over the cart path on the right side of the fairway. The fairway goes downhill towards a lake in front of the green from there and should induce a good roll on your drive. Shallow bunkers left of the green. A deep bunker front right may catch the short approaches while a steep back stop should hold most of the safe long approaches.
8th hole, par 5, 516 yds:
A group of trees invade the drive landing area on the fairway from the right on an otherwise straight forward hole. Bunkers left and right guards a distinctive three mound green.
9th hole, par 4, 340 yds:
Tall trees to the left of the tee is the only distraction. No more fairway bunkers until the 18th. On this hole, only trees to the right and far left. Longer hitters may find a narrower fairway to hit. The green is protected by bunkers and trees left and right.
10th hole, par 4, 357 yds:
A drive downhill to the middle of the fairway should leave you with a straight shot to the green that is guarded by bunkers left, right and back. Further there's a lake behind the green. The green slopes from back to front.
11th hole, par 3, 115 yds:
Water all the way from tee to green. No bail-out area to speak of as left and back of the green there's just more water. To the right there are trees and a steep slope down towards another lake. Only comfort is that the green is rather large.
12th hole, par 4, 352 yds:
Slight dog leg left. No sand on this hole but water and a palm tree in front of the tee. A group of trees on the last part of the fairway will block any shot from the left side with any distance on it. Safe play is down the right side of the fairway or short of the trees if you trust your long irons. The green slopes from back to front and the lake in front will take good care of any short approach.
13th hole, par 5, 485 yds:
Trees on the left and water in front of the tee may distract some. Otherwise it's a straight hole with the green tucked behind a deep sink hole full of trees and other vegetation and a bunker to the right. Safe play is down the right hand side of the fairway to get the best angle into the green.
14th hole, par 3, 155 yds:
Uphill to a two-tiered green with bunkers left and right. You may only be able to see the top of the flagstick.
15th hole, par 4, 345 yds:
90 degrees dog-leg left. Safe play is down the right side of the fairway if you're not able to carry the trees on the left side and cut the corner. A deep bunker front left and a shallower bunker back guards this green along with trees on the left.
16th hole, par 5, 485 yds:
A group of trees to the left in front of the tee and a huge mango tree right of the landing area are the only obstacles on this straight away hole. It goes slightly uphill towards the end and the green is protected by bunkers front left and front right.
17th hole, par 3, 160 yds:
Downhill shot to a green guarded by a bunker and a tree on the right and a shallow grass bunker on the left.
18th hole, par 5, 420 yds:
Over the water and up the hill on this slight dog-leg left. Do get a good carry on your drive in order to clear the lake in front of the tee and the trees on the other side of that lake. And even more carry is needed to cut the corner on the dog-leg, where another small lake will catch your ball if you fail. A fairway bunker on the right hardly ever comes into play, unless you really bomb it. It's a good idea to see where the flag is after you tee off on the 10th as it's a blind shot up the hill to a green protected by numerous bunkers in front.
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