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Name: Bo (DR1)  Handicap: 12  Review Date: March 29th 2007  Tee Time: 11:00
Fairways are surrounded by a 1st cut of rough from which the ball is easily played. The fairways are all but a few lined by trees, mostly Australian pine, around which bases the grass is having a hard time to grow properly. You'll probably find your ball but you'll be lucky to have a good lie.
The greens are firm and fast while the apron in front of the green is very receptive to short approaches. Don't expect short ones to roll onto the green.

Practicing facilities such as putting/chipping/pitching green are all placed next to each other around the starters hut and look nice. We didn't go to the driving range.
Course layout:
The course has hardly any variation in style of holes and all fairways seem to have the same width. Not many fairway bunkers on this course. Green bunkers are consistent in regards to the density of the sand and varies nicely between regular and shallow bunkers.
The vegetation is more or less the same all around.
Bermuda grass all over, although some spots in fairways and on tee boxes are having an invasion of weed grass, but green keepers were seen handling the problem.
Flower beds are well kept and the gardeners use their imagination when planting flowers to spell out names or indicating numbers.
Professional and attentive staff in pro shop, reception and caddy shack. Nice, clean bathrooms and changing facilities.
1500 pesos pr golfer as guest of a member ONLY. No green fee players allowed.
Caddie tip 500 pesos.
19th hole:
Nice indoor restaurant with (too much) A/C. Terrace in nice surroundings overlooking the 9th and 18th greens. Attentive staff, and there's a great selection of drinks and quick bite snacks on the menu at reasonable prices.

It shows that is a club first and golf club second.
Value for money rating:
The course is old and it shows. Trees are tall and all in the right place but there are also some spots of wear. Especially around cart paths and areas not in play. In the "old" days it was a real country club (situated in the country side). Now, as Santo Domingo has grown, it's in an industrial area with all the noise that gives you. There's a tall "Berlin" wall around the entire area keeping Santo Domingo out.

Immediately after the round you may have trouble distinguishing some holes from each other in your mind but it's still good value for your money if you like a straight away course with firm greens. Hurry up and befriend a member.
Hole Descriptions & Photos:
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1st hole, par 5, 548 yds:
Dogleg right, after which the fairway slopes from left to right. Numerous changes in elevation as well can give some interesting stances.
Two bunkers guard the left and right front of the green.
2nd hole, par 3, 159 yds:
Straight forward to a green well protected by bunkers. If you do miss the green, a miss short will have the better chance for an up and down.
3rd hole, par 4, 347 yds:
A wide landing area for the tee shot on a fairway with some elevation change and left to right slope. The large green sloping from back to front has bunkers left and right.
4th hole, par 4, 372 yds:
Dogleg right. Longer hitters who wish to cut the corner will have to have very accurate distance control as many trees line the last bit of fairway in front of the green which is protected by shallow bunkers left and right.
5th hole, par 4, 368 yds:
Straight away to a rolling fairway that gives the impression of a downhill shot to the green. Bunkers are guarding the back of the green and they are in a good place, since any long approach would otherwise roll down a steep hill.
6th hole, par 3, 141 yds:
The signature hole. A downhill shot to a huge green with sand left and right and a lake in front. Should your ball go in the water there's a nicely cut piece of fairway in front of the lake from where you can play your third.
7th hole, par 4, 386 yds:
A straight away hole towards a green tucked to the left at the end of the fairway. The green is protected by bunkers left and right and slopes from back to front.
8th hole, par 5, 503 yds:
Straight hole with only a couple of bunkers and a small hill in the middle of the fairway short of the green to disturb you. Bunkers left and right of the green which is sloping from back to front.
9th hole, par 4, 320 yds:
Slight dogleg left to an elevated green guarded by two small bunkers to the front left and right.
10th hole, par 4, 308 yds:
Severe elevation change on this one. First from the tee high above the fairway and again from the fairway up towards the green. Long hitters could go straight for the green but they'll have to know where it is as it isn't visible from the tee.
Bunkers left and right of the green.
11th hole, par 5, 465 yds:
Straight hole. First downhill then up to an elevated green. A small stream runs across the fairway in front of the green so you cannot land your lay up too close to the green. There's also a mango tree on the right to make that lay up area even smaller. The green is guarded by bunkers front left and right.
12th hole, par 3, 143 yds:
The long narrow green has a shallow bunker down the left side and a steep slope on the right side. There's not even room to miss short as it would most likely roll down to the right.
13th hole, par 381 yds:
Dogleg right with a blind tee shot over trees to get into the fairway from an angle. Hit one in the fairway and you'll have a straight approach. The green has bunkers left and right.
14th hole, par 4, 398 yds:
Dogleg left. A long tee shot is needed in order to clear the corner and you'll still have a long second shot to a slightly elevated green with sand on the left.
15th hole, par 3, 171 yds:
The rather large green slopes severely from back to front. There's only sand on the left so it's possible to run it up if you're short off the tee.
16th hole, par 4, 379 yds:
Straight hole to a green that's guarded by bunker left and right.
17th hole, par 5, 516 yds:
Slight dog leg left. The fairway has a huge mound in the middle of the landing area which could lead to an awkward stance on the second shot. There's plenty of room the lay up in front of the green. Two small bunkers left and back are the only obstacles here.
18th hole, par 4, 353 yds:
Dogleg right. The fairway slopes from left to right towards the elevated green that's protected only by sand on the right. The green slopes from back to front.
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