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Diplomatic directory
Listed below are the various embassies and consular offices in the city of Santo Domingo, according to the latest information at hand.

Those described as embassies with full consular functions offer a variety of services.
These include: the granting of visas of all types where necessary, the registering of births, marriages and deaths, the legal endorsement and certification of documents, and full notary powers. They often handle social security matters, renew passports, provide advice if you have a brush with the law and are arrested, visit their nationals in prison and provide assistance in times of distress. It is recommended that you register at your embassy or consulate when you take up residence in the country. Should they require to contact you in a local emergency, they will then have some idea as to your whereabouts.

Consuls and Honorary Consuls are often able to provide many of the services listed above and can certainly assist you to contact the nearest embassy in the region.

Argentina. Embassy and Consulate. Ambassador: Carlos Piñeiro Iñiquez. Av. Máximo Gómez No. 10 (facing the Palacio de Bellas Artes). Tel. 682-2977/682-0976. Fax 221-2206.

Austria. Honorary Consul General: Karin Ostreicher. Calle Las Amapolas No. 9, Ensanche Bella Vista. Tel. 535-8919, Fax 532-5603. The embassy is located in Venezuela. 

Belgium. Honorary Consul General: Juan Periche Vidal. Av. Abraham Lincoln, Torre Panamericana, 10th floor. Only open Tues., Wed. and Fri., from 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon and from 2:30 to 4 p.m. Tel. 544-2200. Fax 562-3383. 

Bolivia. Consulate: Consul General Ing. Teodoro Solis. Calle Federico Geraldino No. 58, Ens. Piantini. Tel. 565-9839 and 565-8573. Fax 565-9839. 

Brazil. Embassy and Consular offices. Ambassador: Fernando A. De Oliveira Santos Fountoura. Av. Winston Churchill No. 32, 2nd floor, Edificio Franco Acra. Tel. 532-0342/532-0868. Fax 532-0917. 

Canada. Embassy. Ambassador Bruno Picard. Calle Capitan Eugenio de Marchena 39, La Esperilla. Tel. 685-1136. Fax 682-2691. 

Chile. Embassy and Consular Offices. Charge d’Affairs: Jorge Caballero Cresta. Av. Anacaona No. 11, Mirador Sur. Tel. 532-7800/530-8441. Fax 530-8310. 

China (Taiwan). Embassy and Consular Offices. Ambassador: Adolfo Sun. Edificio Palic, 1st floor, Av. Abraham Lincoln cor. José Amador Soler. Tel. 562-5555/65. Fax 563-4139. 

Colombia. Embassy and Consular Offices. Ambassador: Jose Abuchaibe. Av. Abraham Lincoln 502 esq. José Amado Soler, Edif. Progresso, fifth floor. Tel. 562-1670/562-5282. Fax 562-3253. 

Costa Rica. Embassy and Consulate. Ambassador: Mario Garnier Borella. Calle Malaquias Gil No. 11, Ens. Seralles. Tel. 683-7002/565-6419. Fax 565-6467. 

Denmark. Honorary Consul: Jaak E. Rannik. Av. Abraham Lincoln, No. 504, Torre Panamericana, 10th floor. Tel. 549-5100. Fax 562-3383. 

Ecuador. Embassy and Consulate. Eduardo Cabezas Molina. Rafael Augusto Sánchez No. 17, Edificio Saint Michell, Suite 301, Naco. Tel. 563-8363/8091. Fax 563-8153. 

El Salvador. Ambassador: Carlos Ernesto Mendoza. Calle José A. Brea Peña No. 12, Ens. Evaristo Morales. Tel. 565-4311. Fax 541-7503. 

France. Embassy and Consulate. Calle Las Damas No. 42, esq. El Conde, Colonial City. Tel. 687-5621/5422. Fax 687-5273. 

Germany. Embassy and Consulate. Charge d’Affairs: Reinhold Clossen. Edif. Plaza Intercaribe, 5th floor, Av. Lope de Vega. Tel. 566-8047. Fax 567-5014. 

Guatemala. Embassy and Consulate. Charge d’Affairs: Mayra Odette Barreras de Gomar. Calle Santiago 359, Gazcue. Tel. 689-5614/5327. Fax 689-5146. 

Haiti. Embassy and Consulate. Ambassador: Guy Alexandre. Calle Juan Sánchez Ramírez No. 33, cor. Desiderio Valverde, Gascue, Tel. 686-5778, 686-6094. Fax 686-6096. 

Honduras. Ambassador: Lic. Nelman Sabillón Reyes. Salvador Sturla No. 12, 2nd floor, Ens. Naco. Tel. 565-5162. Fax 472-2020. 

Israel. Ambassador: Eliahu Lopez. Av. Pedro Henríquez Ureña No. 80, Ens. Esperilla. Tel. 472-0775. Fax 472-1785.

Italy. Ambassador: Alberto Canavesio. Calle Rodríguez Objío No. 4, Gascue. Tel. 682-0830/8296. Fax 682-8296. 

Jamaica. Charge d’Affairs, Allan Marley; Honorary Consul, Adelma Fermín. Av. Enriquillo 61, Los Cacicazgos. Tel. 473-7770/7771. Fax 473-7773. 

Japan. Ambassador: Takehisa Nogami. Torre BHD, 8th floor, Av. Winston Churchill corner Luis F. Thomen. Tel. 566-8023. Fax 566-8013. 

Jordan. Consul General: Bishara Issa Miladeh. Luis Eduardo Vicioso No. 1, almost at the corner of Av. Abraham Lincoln. Tel. 532-1162. Fax 532-1162. 

Malta. Ambassador: José Luis Rodríguez Villacanas. José Amado Soler esq. A. Lara No. 45. Tel. 549-5576. Fax 549-5774. 

Mexico. Ambassador: Mireya Terran, Calle Arzobispo Meriño 265, Colonial City. Tel. 687-6641/l6889. Fax 687-7872 

Nicaragua. Ambassador: Leopoldo Ramirez. Calle Angel Severo Cabral 32, Julieta. Tel. 563-2311. Fax 565-7961. 

Norway. Honorary Consul: Werner Frankenberg. Av. San Martin No. 169. Tel. 565-3777.Fax 565-9380. 

Panama. Embassy and Consulate. Tomás Alberto Pretelt. Calle Benito Monción 255, corner Av. Tel. 476-7396/688-3789. Fax 685-3665. 

Peru. Embassy and Consulate. Ambassador: Alberto Galvez de Rivero. Calle Pedro A. Bobea esq. Av. Anacaona, Edif. Curvo, Apto. 485, 1er piso, Bella Vista. Tel. 532-6777/6638. Fax 532-6291. 

Portugal. Honorary Consul: Salvador da Cunha. Calle Palacio de los Deportes. Condominio #1, Apt. 201C, Las Praderas. Tel. 227-8790. Fax 227-8790. 

South Korea. Ambassador: Shang Ho Lee. Av. Sarasota No. 98, Ens. Bella Vista. Tel. 532-4314/15. Fax 532-3807. 

Spain. Ambassador: Fermin Prieto Castro. Av. Independencia No. 1205. Tel. 535-6500/3995. Fax 535-1595. 

St. Lucia. Consul General Ricardo Cuerig. Calle Juan A. Ibarra 124, Ens. La Fe. 544-3797. Fax 541-4781. 

Sweden. Honorary Consul General: Arturo A. Pellerano. Av. Máximo Gómez No. 31, Tel. 685-2131. Fax 682-3269. 

Switzerland. Consul General: Peter Graf. Calle Recodo No. 2, Edificio Monte Mirador, 6to Piso, Bella Vista. Tel. 533-3781/534-6944. Fax 532-3781. 

Thailand. Honorary Consul: Dr. Gustavo Enrique Turun. Calle Fantino Falco No. 49, Naco. Tel. 541-7445. Fax 567-8995. 

Turkey. Honorary Consul General: Dr. Antonio Pannochia. Av. 27 de Febrero No. 201, Ens. La Esperilla. Tel. 566-8959. Fax 530-2927. 

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. David Ward. Edif. Corominas, Av. 27 de Febrero. Tel. 472-7111/472-7905. Fax 472-7574. Consulate: Tel. 472-7574. 

United States of America. Embassy and Consulate. Ambassador: Hans Hertell. Calle César Nicolas Penson corner Leopoldo Navarro. Tel. 221-2171. Fax 686-7437. 

Uruguay. Ambassador: Nereo Felipe Lateulade Martinez. Baltazar Brum No. 7, Apto. 1-B, Ens. Espaillat. Tel. 688-6564. Fax 687-2167. 

Vatican. Papal Nuncio: Timothy Broglio. Av. Máximo Gómez 27. Tel. 682-3773. Fax 687-0287. 

Venezuela. Ambassador: Rafael Rangel Vargas. Av. Anacaona No. 7, Mirador Sur. Tel. 537-8684/8882. Fax 537-8780. 

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