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Shopping Malls
Santo Domingo is a city in which you can buy almost anything. For those who wish to indulge, the city offers a ariety of top-notch, shopping centers where one can purchase the latest summer fashions from all over the world, and cold weather clothes as well! Here is a round up of some of the larger shopping areas and establishments. Keep in mind that the city is dotted with small specialty shops. 

  • Plaza Central. Winston Churchill and 27 de Febrero. 
    Everything but a supermarket. Many hair dress shops, food court, leading franchises and several specialty shops.
  • Plaza Lama. 27 de Febrero and Winston Churchill. 
    Supermarket, appliances.
  • Acropolis Center. Winston Churchill. 
    Brand new upscale mall. Best movie houses in town.
  • Multicentro La Sirena. Winston Churchill & Av. San Vicente de Paul (east side of Santo Domingo). 
  • Unicentro Plaza. 27 de Febrero and Abraham Lincoln.
    Some specialty shops.
  • Centro Cuesta. 27 de Febrero and Abraham Lincoln. 
    Supermarket, household goods, bookstore, hardware shop. 
  • Plaza Bolera. Av. Abraham Lincoln corner Roberto Pastoriza.
    Trendy shops. 
  • Plaza Andalucia (Gustavo Mejia Ricart corner Abraham Lincoln), 
  • Plaza Catalunya (Gustavo Mejia Ricart almost corner Winston Churchill). 
  • Plaza Dorada and Plaza La Lira I & II (Roberto Pastoriza).
  • Plaza Paseo de la Churchill (Paseo de los Locutores). 
  • Plaza Universitaria. Av. Sarasota (part of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra). 
  • Plaza and Centro Comercial Naco. Av. Tiradentes. 
    Specialty shops.
  • Bella Vista Mall. Av. Sarasota, Bella Vista. 
    City’s newest upscale mall. 
  • Diamond Mall. Av. Luperon, Arroyo Hondo. Upscale goods. 
    Big food court and excellent movie houses.
  • Americana Departamentos. Av. John F. Kennedy. 
    Closest to the US Home Depot style shop.
  • Hache Departamentos. Av. John F. Kennedy. 
  • Carrefour. Duarte Highway. 
    City’s largest supermarket, also stocks much more for the home.
  • Plaza and Centro Comercial Naco. Av. Tiradentes. 
    Some specialty shops.
  • Pricemart. Av. Charles Sumner. 
    Membership shopping chain. 
  • El Conde Pedestrian Mall. Colonial City. 
  • Avenida Duarte. Includes the city’s China Town.
  • Avenida Mella. Running from Independencia Park. 
    Home to the Mercado Modelo (prime souvenirs shop).


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