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Daily News - Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Real estate = cash for government
According to the president of the Supreme Court of Justice, Jorge Subero Isa, real estate transactions in the DR rank as third in revenues generated for the government, behind customs and tax departments. He said local taxpayers paid RD$7.9 billion last year on real estate transactions. 50% of the transactions were carried out in the National District (Santo Domingo).
Subero Isa spoke during a breakfast with economic area journalists who later toured the new fully computerized installations of the Land Court and Property Title Registrar divisions. The advances came after the passing of Law 108-05 on Real Estate Registrations. Property titles for 13 provinces and the National District are now available in electronic form.
He said inquiries can be made at Tel 809 487-9020 or in person by checking the database at the Jurisdiccion Inmobiliaria located at Independencia corner Jimenez Moya.
Subero Isa says that the goal is to digitize all property titles through 2010.
The digitizing was carried out with Interamerican Development Bank funding.
See http://www.suprema.gov.do/guiaji/guia.html

Celso asks for patience
Celso Marranzini, the new vice president of the State-owned Electric Companies (CDEEE), is asking the public to be patient regarding the energy sector. He says he is not Merlin, the magician, to resolve the issues in six days. He explained that he has only been in office for "five long days."
He says decisions will be taken for the short, medium and long term. He says measures have already been taken and there has been progress.
"The solution can be found in short term megawatts, in long term megawatts and in solving the financial issues that have caused the blackouts, and we are working on that," he told the press. "What is important is that we are working," he says.
Marranzini made his comments after a meeting with President Leonel Fernandez, at the Presidential Palace to discuss the issues of the nation's electric sector. Attending were also Secretary of the Presidency Cesar Pina Toribio and Superintendent of Energy Francisco Mendez.

Health Commission recommendations
A special commission created to study whether or not five public hospital doctors and two nurses be reinstated after their participation in an attack against the director of the Francisco Moscoso Puello Hospital says it is recommending that the doctors be sanctioned, but that the hospital's director also be sanctioned and moved to another hospital.
Hoy reports that Lafontaine had retaliated against one of his attackers, punching him in the stomach. The doctor who was responsible for hitting Lafontaine apologized and will be moved to another hospital and not be paid for three months. The doctors were fired after the attack on Lafontaine.
The commission was created after Waldo Ariel Suero, president of the Dominican Medical College (CMD) refused to discuss any other issues that would avert the ongoing series of doctor strikes until the Ministry of Public Health reinstated the fired doctors and nurses.
Hoy reports that the commission's recommendations are not yet official and that a final decision will be made by Minister of Public Health Bautista Rojas Gomez. The report indicates that the sanctions are part of efforts to ensure that an incident like this one doesn't repeat itself in a public hospital.
During a meeting yesterday between representatives of the Dominican Medical College (CMD) and the Ministry of Public Health, it was decided that a second commission be created to help develop schemes to raise physician and nurses pay and resolve other demands by the nation's doctors.

Education lifts sanctions
The National Education Council, after a meeting with the Ministry of Education, has lifted sanctions on 835 students who were accused of cheating on last school year's national standardized tests. The students had been penalized with a ban on registering for college for a year. They were accused of receiving the answers to the tests by cell phone. El Caribe says several employees and supervisors of the Ministry of Education were accomplices.
The 12th grade students will be given the tests during a special session between 13 October and 16 October, for admission to university studies in time for the January term. Education Minister Melanio Paredes explained that the test system would be improved. This is the first time that the Ministry puts a stop to the generalized practice of cheating on the tests.

Revoke the return of the cash plane?
The Penal Chamber of the Court of Appeals will study a petition to revoke a court order returning the Cessna plane to its owner Rafael Alberto Pichardo Corominas, son of the vice president of the Supreme Court of Justice, Rafael Luciano Pichardo, according to Diario Libre. The Department of Customs seeks to revoke Resolution No. 127-2009 dated 23 June issued by the First Instruction Court of Santo Domingo. Customs director Rafael Camilo argues that interim judge Miguelina Campusano went beyond her jurisdiction because what was being heard was merely the conditional suspending of the process. He says that the airplane, that was confiscated on 30 April 2008, had been donated to the Dominican Air Force on 5 August, and therefore there is an error in the application of the court decision.
Rafael Alberto Luciano Corominas was arrested on Wednesday evening at Las Americas International Airport after US$569,000 in undeclared cash was discovered on board a small airplane of his property that had flown in from Aguadillas, Puerto Rico.

Shooting off Acropolis Mall
One person is dead and one police officer is injured after an attempted robbery turned bloody. Listin Diario writes that the police were present when three men tried to rob a man in a SUV, off Acropolis Mall at Winston Churchill Avenue. Listin explains that a man driving a 1996 Toyota Corolla slammed into the vehicle with his car, causing havoc, and then with the help of his partners, tried to execute the robbery at that instant. But the plan was thwarted by police officer Andres Caraballo Bautista, who was shot in the arm by one of the would-be assailants.

Dominicans in PreWorld Basketball
The DR will play Brazil this afternoon at 4pm at the Coliseo Roberto Clemente in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on the opening day of the 2009 FIBA Americas Championship. Brazil is the winner of the Marchand Continental Championship Cup. The event is taking place from 26 August to 6 September. This is the strongest Dominican team to play in the championship. The DR team has three NBA players in it. These are Charlie Villanueva (Detroit Pistons), Francisco Garcia (Sacramento Kings) and Al Horford (Atlanta Hawks).
Dominicans hadn't played in a FIBA World Championship since 1978 when the team finished 12th.
The Dominican squad is made up by: Carlos Morban and Juan Coronado are the point guards; Luis Flores and Kelvin Pena the shooting guards; Francisco Garcia, Ricardo Greer and Franklin Western (small forwards); Charlie Villanueva, Jack Michael Martinez, Marlon Martinez (power forwards); Al Horford and Alejandro Salas are the centers.
The Dominican Republic is in Group B along with Argentina, Brazil, Panama and Venezuela. Interestingly, the coach of the Brazilian team, Spaniard Moncho Monsalve lead the Dominican team that won the gold medal in the Centrobasket '95.
To follow the games, see http://puertorico2009.fiba.com/pages/eng/fe/09/facm/p/index.html

Santiago Merengue Extravaganza
Starting at 2pm on Saturday, 29 August and Sunday, 30 August, some of the better known merengue and Latin music performers will take the stage for a Mega Concert with the backdrop of the Monumento de Santiago. This is part of the program underway for Verano Presidente, promoted by Presidente Beer. On Saturday, 29 August: Fernando Villalona, Omega, Rubby Perez, El Jeffrey, Tito Swing, Julian Oro Duro, Michelle, Silvio Mora, Kerubanda, Kiko el Presidente, Pochy Familia and SexAppeal take the stage. On Sunday, 30 August: Johnny Ventura, El Torito, Arcangel, Eddy Herrera, Sergio Vargas and El Prodigio. Free admission.

Asonahores Trade Show opens today
The National Hotel & Restaurant Association Trade Show opens today at the convention hall of the Dominican Fiesta Hotel. This is the leading Dominican hotel industry trade exhibition with the participation of suppliers to the industry.
The program this year includes talks on solar energy, American cheese, power and water solutions, wine-tasting, sustainable tourism programs, outsourcing payroll, new pastry techniques, new trends in Dominican gastronomy, among other. See the complete program at http://www.asonahores.com/index.php?option=...
For more on upcoming events, see http://www.dr1.com/calendar
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