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Beachfront condos at Playa Imbert, Sosua.

Hispaniola Beach is one of the largest, most exclusive and exotic condominium developments on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, offering many attractive features for a pleasant and comfortable life style, surrounded by natural beauty and facing the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean across from Sosua Bay.

Hispaniola Beach Oceanfront Condos consist of a very special luxury apartment complex, designed with all the amenities for those who are looking for the ultimate: a perfect location across from the exotic Sosúa Bay, on site services for greater comfort, modern, avant-garde interiors with romantic Victorian features on the outside and, above all, the perfect place to enjoy life to the fullest. We invite you to discover Hispaniola Beach Oceanfront Condos.

Among palm trees, facing the gorgeous General Imbert Beach, you will find this magnificent development.
Imbert Beach offers a perfect combination of privacy and entertainment, thanks to its location in front of the crystal clear waters of the ocean and close to downtown Sosúa, where most restaurants, hotels, residential developments, drug stores, shops, banks and supermarkets are located.

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Hispaniola Beach is surrounded by exuberant tropical vegetation, creating a feeling of peace and harmony, while inviting you to explore the depths of the ocean with its corals and marine life right in front of you.

Hispaniola Beach is perfectly located to let you experience the utmost in comfort and peacefulness while exploring its beautiful natural surroundings.

These apartments have been designed to offer all the amenities one could wish for, in addition to their perfect location.
They boast wonderful Victorian-style architecture on the outside, gardens and palm trees, and an innovative modern style combined with luxurious details on the inside.

Two to three spacious bedrooms with their bathrooms, including Jacuzzis, and lovely details offer the utmost comfort, in addition to a wonderful view of the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean from their balconies.

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All the interiors have been decorated to create a feeling of harmony and peace that matches this heavenly location, by using delicate and soft colors in the private areas, such as bathrooms and bedrooms, and warm colors in the social areas, such as the living-room, the dining-room/kitchen, etc., while glamorous and environmentally beautiful details contrast with a décor that matches the setting and adds intimate and elegant touches.

A very attractive kitchen invites you to enjoy pleasant company, due to its breakfast area which becomes the focal point of the whole apartment. Its utensils, stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, range hood and stainless steel equipment have been specially chosen to ensure practicality and quality.

The living-room, kitchen/breakfast area, the balconies and terraces maintain unity and variety in the large and spacious areas.

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Life is paradise in Sosua, with its exotic beaches, clear ocean waters and exuberant tropical vegetation. Hispaniola Beach Oceanfront Condos offers a large number of amenities, from its strategic location in the tourist community of Sosua to the many special features of our condominiums and luxury apartments. Boasting an innovative style which combines avant-garde features with Victorian embellishments, and a first-class termination with many beautiful details, these condos invite you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Every imaginable service has been designed and installed to guarantee a pleasant lifestyle in the luxury apartments of this residential development which faces the turquoise waters of the Atlantic with its many wonders.

Thanks to the numerous amenities it offers, this exceptional residential compound has been converted into an oasis of peace and harmony:

  • An exclusive beach for its residents. The General Imbert Beach is one of the safest and best beaches for all kinds of water sports, with a great additional feature: one of the biggest and most beautiful reefs in the area.
  • Exclusive pools for the residents of the apartments with indirect access to the beach.
  • Jacuzzis in all the apartments, together with luxury bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Tennis court for the players’ convenience and easy access within the development.
  • The Playa Dorada Golf Course: located in the tourist development of Playa Dorada in Puerto Plata, about 30 minutes from Sosúa, with access to the Playa Dorada Plaza and its Convention Center.
    The Playa Grande Golf Course: the largest and most inviting golf course due to its design and location, in the tourist community of Rio San Juan, next to two outstanding beaches: Playa Caletón and Playa Grande, where you can play golf and enjoy the beauty of these beaches.
  • Several theme restaurants on the beach to meet your taste and expectations.
  • Children are an important part of this development, and we have designed a beautiful playground for them.
  • Our tropical gardens combine their luxuriant green tones with the artistic imagery created by expert landscape gardeners, turning our development into a feast for the eyes of nature lovers.
  • The impressive "Plaza Comercial" with its many services for even greater comfort and well-being of its residents is magnificent and practical at the same time, with its shops, spas, banks, ATM services, medical services, restaurants, etc.

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