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Thumb City
20% ROICommercial PropertyInvestor! All 6 Apts. Cabrera, Oceanview,near Shops, ClinicsCabreraUS$250,000/SqM
5ACondoOceanfront 1/1 Furnished Apt - Vacation RentalSanto DomingoUS$350
P-1985CondoPunta Cana Condo For Sale | Gema Lodge 44BavaroUS$135,000
P-1986CondoPunta Cana Condo for Sale | Arenas de Bavaro G102BavaroUS$139,000
P-1987CondoPunta Cana Condo For Sale | Golf Suites 7147 | Cocotal Golf BavaroUS$110,000
P-1988VillaPunta Cana Villa For Sale | Villa 446 | Cocotal Golf BavaroUS$360
P-1989CondoPunta Cana Condo for Sale | Eden II 1 Bedroom | Cocotal GolfBavaroUS$120,000
P-1990CondoPunta Cana Condo For Sale | Cayenna Lodge 12ABavaroUS$125,000
P-1991VillaPunta Cana Villa For Sale in CocotalBavaroUS$625,000
P-1992CondoPunta Cana Condo for Sale | Vila Birdie Tamarindo BBavaroUS$249,000
P-1993ApartmentPunta Cana Villa For Sale | Vila Birdie Butia | Cocotal GolfBavaroUS$325,000
P-1994ApartmentCondo for Sale in Punta Cana | Palm Suites in CortecitoBavaroUS$125,000
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