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Sun Village Resort

Rating: Above average Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: puerta plata Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Average Decor: Above average Service: Above average
just returned from Sun Village last week. after reading the negative reviews I was tempted to get my $$$ back, but am i glad I didn't take them to heart. All we wanted was sun, fun, relaxation and entertainment and we got it all. The weather was perfect, 90 degrees and sunny everyday. the staff was great and ready to serve you in any way possible. They speak perfect english and really appreciate if you attempt to speak spanish. We stayed in a standard room, which was fine, had a king size bed, garden view, small bathroom. But the great thing was, it was clean. There weren't any leaks, bugs, ants, wires hanging from the ceiling as other reviewers mentioned.
As a suggestion, we tipped the maid $3 every day and that went a long way as far as cleanliness and extra towels. We also gave a few bucks here and there to our waiters and believe me they remember you for doing so.
One thing we did, and we got this tip from another review, was we brought about 6 sport bottles of Poland Spring water. we used it to brush our teeth as well as carried them around with us at the pool and got refills from the bar. Much easier than getting a dixie cup of water everytime you're thirsty. As far as the food, it's ok, but keep in mind, you don't go to the carribean for great food. The buffet was vast, the Thai place was decent, Ovando was the best rest. of them all. Try the Sun Village Special drink, you won't be sorry!
As far as the beach was concerned, we avoided it. There are 7 pools to choose from, the most popular are the ones at the top of the resort. All I can say is, get there early to the adult pool, save a chair in the pool and then go have breakfast. You won't regret getting up early. There's nothing better than lounging in the sun, then rolling off the chair and splashing into the pool. plus the bar is only a short swim away.
As far as the layout of the resort, yes there are a lot of stairs and short walks to different places but you're not climbing Mt. Everst like some reviews make it out to be. Don't forget, when you go into the country you need $10 per person for a tourist card. Also be aware that as soon as you get your bags you'll be approached by porters waiting to take your bags to a taxi or ground transportation and hope form a tip from you. $1 or $2 per bag will suffice, but they'll try and ask you for more.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 08/25/2003



this website posts comments from children who exist but who are too young to post...mine being one of them...something strange going on. BEWARE!
Author: joe bloggs Posted at 16:50 04/2/2011
I also invested into the EMI Sun Village resort and I haven't heard anything, can anyone tell me who to
contact to check on my investment.

Author: Gayla Posted at 22:50 08/26/2010
my parents invested in emi sun village inc. as well. the promissory note certificates held with Elliott Management Inc. have not come through. I think Tammy that we have all been taken for a ride and an expensive one at that. We have yet to see any interest payments and or repayment of the promissory notes that were due in 2003 and 2004. This constitutes fraud to me.
Author: Betty Posted at 19:40 04/8/2010
Holle it is aimi I Live at 22 Albert Road sm1 4rx.
Author: Aimi Stiles Posted at 12:52 05/19/2008
I have invested with Sunvillage as well. Let me know if you still have questions, as I have a few of my own. Thanks...
Author: kent Barker Posted at 21:01 02/5/2008
We just returned from 8 days stay at the Sun Village Resort. My wife and I both a great time there and will return there soon. The Resort was very beautiful and clean and well maintained. The staff were always ready to help us in any possibly way to make sure that we had a great stay. One of the Bartenders there in perticular comes to mind " Candido" He from the very first day we arrived to the resort made us feel very comfortable there. He explained to us the things we could do there and where get assistance if we needed it. Every time he saw us " He would say hello and by name which made us feel special since we had only gave him our names just one time. The other person was a waiter at the buffet. His name was Pedro Paulino, He to was always very polite and made sure that when we came in to eat that we had our drinks fast and always asking us if we needed anything else. He was always working, We never saw him slacking on the job and this wasn't just with us. He from what I saw it was with everyone there. These two weren't the only two that was special but the two that came to mind. Everyone there was great and would like to give them all my special thanks to. I just wish that we was able to stay there longer. As far the rooms they were very clean with no bugs. The housekeeper cleaned the room every day and changed the beds every day. Anyone thinking of going to Puerto Plate this a great place to stay and you can't get a better deal than this. We highly recommend this resort. Again I would like to give my Thanks to Everyone there.
Author: Louis Castro Posted at 11:03 05/18/2005
A little over a year ago, we became investors in EMI Sun Village Beach Resort since we were very impressed with what we saw. To date we have not received any type of share certificate showing ownership. We are starting to wonder if we have been taken! Any other investors out there that can put my mind at ease? Thanks.
Author: Tammy Posted at 14:39 07/12/2004

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